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I hate my husband so much I wish to God he’d get run over and killed

I hate my husband. Here it is Sunday and he’s gone out. He’s never here. He always has some excuse for why he needs to go somewhere. I hate him. I know what he goes out and does hanging out watching women. He’s such a creep. I’m so full of rage right now I want to break something. I wish to God I’d never met this asshole. Why can’t he just die or something? My God I can’t stand it anymore.

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I hate my husband so much I wish to God he'd get run over and killed, 10.7 out of 10 based on 29 ratings

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  1. sally

    DIVORCE HIM. It wasn’t until around 50 years ago that divorce was accepted, so stop staying in this situation…wishing that he would die…I’m not sure what your situation is, but even if you are out of a job or something, I am sure you have someone you can stay with. If not, then get one and save the money and just move out as soon as you can.

    You cannot change people, so don’t waste the rest of your life with this husband who doesn’t treat you well. Get out know. Don’t look back on your life and know you spent it with someone you were unhappy with. We only have one life.

    Take care.

  2. T2

    I say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You have access to everything that is important to him- it can get ruined or just disappear over time. Mine has lost all childhood pictures, souvenirs, yearbooks, etc. He starts looking for some of his things, and what do you know, I haven’t seen them…
    Every time he hurts me, something gets “lost” or “accidentally” broken. I have a secret credit card in his name, and treat myself to the spa when I feel like it. I have decided not to leave and try to support myself after staying home to take care of our kids, but to drain him in any way I can. He’s too stupid to figure it out, and I’m a good actress. Slam me if you want, but I’m not suicidal anymore and don’t need approval from anyone else.

    1. Burnedout Wife

      Good advice! I have a savings account in MY name and I am saving up to get away from the a$$hole. His idea of fun is to try to make me cry. Sometimes it works, I’m only human, but usually I just cut up another favorite shirt of his or “accidentally” break something of his. I hate him so much. I finally just moved into my own bedroom a couple years ago, he was doing weird perverted things to me when I would fall asleep at night. I often wish that he would die and I could just sell the house and keep all of the retirement money for myself. I think I’ve done my prison time, but I am going to get out of this with everything I can. I stayed home and raised children, scrubbed toilets, cooked, cleaned and was alone for decades. I think I deserve whatever I can take from him and I hope he rots in hell!

    2. Mo

      Do him and u a favour and have the decency to leave him u nasty specimen. Why would a normal human being act like this no matter what. What a way to live. Wow

      1. jezzybelle

        STFU. You don’t know what misery led her to this. I bet you’re the same kind of person who says “why don’t you just ASK him?!” When a woman suspects her LYING, cheating husband of screwing around!

  3. blahblah123

    I wish my husband was dead but then I realize it is bad to wish death on someone no matter how horrendous or abusive he is. He is a good father to my son most of the time so I wouldn’t want to see my son in pain over the death of his father. However, if Karma decided to off him than I would not complain.

    1. Neo

      I share your same sentiments. I have been praying to God to give my ass#$$ husband a 2nd chance but he got away with several chances now! Hence, if only God can see how we women suffered, then it’s wise to ‘take him away’ from our miseries.

  4. fancy

    Yea ladies I no watchu mean I hate that shit head I married..20 years,ago,.lying bastard he says he lies to keep from hurting my feelings, maybe I shud lie to keep from hurting him then I wudent hafta tell him what a.fatass he is or how ugly he really is or that his bald spot iz really.a good joke.starter, or how wen he gets on top of me it feels like.a.small

    honda landed in me for god.sakes loose sum weight man,.an brush that tooth,.I wannnnaaa Divorce, u ass

    1. Louanne

      He went overseas to”help ” his sick father and grandfather. Gone for a month. Work has stopped paying him so only my money paying the mortgage. Extends the trip by another 4 weeks. Now due back in 2 weeks but tells me ” I can’t do us …. I love you but am not in love with. Hope we can sort things out amicably…” after twenty years of my life given to him and he just throws me away. Why should I pay the mortgage myself and then he forces me to sell the house I love and worked so hard on renovating and redecorating and now I have to give up my home because he’d had some epiphany that he is not invoke with me. Bastard

      1. BytchLady

        You don’t have to give up your home! I hope you’ve seen a good divorce lawyer by now!!!
        You can keep the house, kick his a** out and make him pay maintenance, child support, etc.
        And they can put the pinch on him to make him pay your legal costs, as well as force him out of the house permanently.
        Good luck!!!!

  5. IfonlyIcould

    I absolutely hate, hate, HATE, my husband. He is an over bearing, obnoxious, degrading, verbally and mentally abusive piece of shit! He thinks he is a gift to humanity when the truth is that his evil ass is using up precious air and resources that deserving people could use. If it wasn’t for my daughter I would have done him in long ago. Prison couldn’t be as bad as the hell I am in now. I look forward to the days when he mysteriously disappears and I am sooo depressed when he comes home. Hopefully one day he will disappear for good and his body will never be found.

    1. chrissy

      I know exactly how you feel. I’m in the same sinking boat. Any ideas on how to get him to die without getting caught?

      1. I Persist

        My narcissist ball n chain had a heart attack last year, after decades of drugs, booze, soda, candy and just plain lazy obesity. I ignore him, insult him, and just generally p1ss him off as often as possible. It raises his blood pressure, at least….He used to drug & rape me in the past. He bankrupted me. And much more, very sick stuff….Wearing out HIS heart is the least I can do, and the kids (grown now) will never know.

      2. Betina J Dadami

        Haha Wish I had an answer.
        I too get fed up n tired of my worthless husband. He only gets SS which sucks..n I have to carry the load…the sickness n or poor…I got the poor n sick part.
        I well…I can hope one day this is behind me. Maybe one day we’ll all be free

        1. Rosa

          Was just wondering if you were able to get out, I’m in the same situation and can’t figure a way out
          I’ve been married for 46 years and not happy for at least 40 of them
          I want the rest of my life to be happy and secure with a man that I’m in love with
          Hope you were able to get out

  6. rach

    i feel your pain. mine has physically and emotionally abused me! i feel so low now. i sometimes feel like killing myself but i have two adorable children. i left him a month ago and he refused me to take the children. he has denied me any access or communication with them. i am slowly losing it without my children. he is blackmailing me that if i want the children then i have to go back to him. i will never go back to him. i have applied for a divorce and i hope the courts will sort out the issue of the children custody. in terms of finances i had given him the last 10years of my savings and have nothing now. i have to start all over again. i never thought i could hate another human being so intensely. i just need to know if i will ever feel better?

    1. Lisa

      Omgosh! I feel like I’m reading my story when I read yours. Holy shit! I’m sooooo sorry for your excruciating, horrific life and pain of hell and abuse that you are going through. I wish we could talk.
      Please, please, please…if there is anyway we could talk let me know. I feel so much like I can relate and understand and I fell your unbareble pain! It’s horrible!
      My name is Lisa. Please let me know how we could communicate.
      I’m so sorry for all your hurt and pain.
      This is NOT how we are to live.

  7. Hateyou

    I got married last Year and in past 12 Months He Abused me 24 Times. I feel like killing him Or kill Myself. I hate him. He Abused My Dad My sistier and brother. Now i cant Be with him a Single moment. In past one Year he kicked me like a Animal. Now am all alone in this Country and cant go back because i have nö money. I stopped My Carrier just for him. Nw have nothing. I feel like Cheating him. If i will have any Otter Option i will just Run Away.

    1. Liesel

      yes, women can be abusive dicks, too. My stepmother split my dad’s head open with a cast iron skillet. And the police just laughed. That was Dallas in the 80’s. I think things have changed and you now have the same legal recourse as a mistreated wife. Talk to a lawyer.

  8. hamham

    I always thought that divorce is so easy. However, I found out that it’s not. I am 20 years old, I got married last year and now I have a 3-month old baby. My husband is much older than me. Before i thought that it’s a positive thing. He is a grownup and he can understand more than anyone out but i was so wrong. He turned to be so strict..he hates my family and he imposes his decisions on me even though i disagree with him about many things. He never respect me and he under estimates and humiliates me… He threatens me that he will seperate me from my daughter if we got divorce and i know he can. I am so sad. I dont wish him death but i wish to die. I never felt happy with him. Damn i reaally hate this life. It’s so unfair.

  9. Shada

    Oh i hate my husband sooooo much
    My husband was in one of the best univerity back then, and i was wishing for a good future. I was innocent nad stupid believing he is rich n genius. I got pregnant and we got married.

    I support us by working days n night coz i believed studying is hard n he needs time to get succesful so i thought its my time to sacrifice before enjoying futur.

    Now after 8 f**king years. He is not graduated, drop off, failure, and all he does is watching blue movies at home.
    He never work and has no will of working, and becouse i have a son to take care of, i have to work and he babysit ourchild at home. I also have to cook, wash, clean the house and work 3 shifts.

    Im tired exauster and dont know what to do, i wish he would die leaving me money. But that is too just a dream for me.

    I hate my husband soooooo muchhhhhhhh i wish i could turn back time and didnt met him

  10. Elizabeth

    Wow. If you truly hate your husband so much to the point of wishing him death and being full of rage, please for everyone’s sake get a divorce. Leave and take control of your life. I can’t imagine living each day with someone I despised. It’s certainly not a marriage in any sense of the word.

    Why are you still with this man if he’s bringing out such vitriol unless you are financially dependent upon him? Think about it. The hate will eat away at you and destroy your insides. No amount of money or false-sense of security is worth that.

  11. hamham

    I thought that my husband will change but he never did. Now he threatens methat he will travel away and get married to another women.. sometimes he threatens me that he will beat me and he will lock me inside the house.. he says that he won’t divorce me in order to prevent me from getting married another time.. he claims that he will forget about me and my daughter as if we never exist.. I heard lately that my ex fiancé won’t ever get married because he loved me and he can’t be with another woman.. I wish I married him 🙁

  12. Bridget

    My Dad warned me not to marry this arsehole foreign (Former Yugoslavia) 17 years older than mean (why didnt I listen) Bad Tempered, Wrinkly miserable old git I cringe if he even touches me. He is a creepy flirt and thinks hes gods gift. Dont wish him harm just wish him away from me. Thinks it makes him look good putting me down -doesnt just makes people look at me with sympathy.

    Dads words you will never be happy with him ,never have any money and they treat their
    women like shit, all true sadly.

    wish Id listened to my old dad.

  13. M

    listen to your fathers ladies,
    my father told me my man was a disgusting porn watching punk when he met him. He was right. I do EVERYTHING , gave my whole life to that man, and hes a little pervert! wish he could get his ass beat so bad. I HATE HIM!!

  14. Ryu

    Oh wow, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    I agree that men can be bad, but you women aren’t exactly angels to be honest. I never been married but i have been cheated on in 2 of my 4 previous relationships, in one relationship she thought because she is a woman and i am a man she can attempt to hit me because i talked to a lady friend of mine from work, when all the while i should stand their take her abuse and not push her off me (i broke it off that same night).

    We live in a world of 2 halves, to be honest i want to hear the other half of the story, i’ve heard all to often women claiming their husbands abuse them, in most cases they are right, there are alot of abusive men out there. But then you get women who are spiteful by nature, who have grown up with resent towards males through abusive fathers or whatever, and they take this out on their boyfriends or husbands.

    I have a friend who was cheated on by his wife for 6 years, he not only unknowingly fathered another mans daughter, but also caught untreatable STD from her affairs with other men. - and in all this the court still makes him pay for a child that does not belong to him, so you ladies tell me how fair that is.

    You women need to either leave your husbands or get some counselling together.

    1. cheated

      My husband had a baby with another woman after I finally got pregnant. Then she claims 3 years later they have another one. Lovely. Take your man problems and shove them up your ass and don’t be a prick to a woman who has daddy issues BC a man can f*ck a woman over way more than a woman can f*ck a man over when it comes to having kids.

  15. TwoOuttaThree

    I hate him and hope when he goes to the methadone clinic tomorrow, they f up his dose and he OD’s. I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM!!!

  16. Texansweety

    My husband is really sweet to me,totally thoughtful,romantic and caring. He works now but didn’t for a while because of the economy. I realize that his lack of desire to get with the program a lot sooner caused a lot of hardship on our famiiy and deep resentment torwad him. I have lost respect fir him and have tried to get tgem back but just feel really angry because he is so irresponsible with money aI have tried to get him to leave but he begs me for more chances and is very persuassive that he is so close to getting it together. He is vetemotionally sensitive needy and draining me both financially and emotionally. U feel trapped because he us a goid man and many women would love to have a husband like him until they figure out his bad side that he does a goid job of hiding.

    1. ann

      My husband is just like yours. I stipped counting the jobs he has had after number 15. He’s sensitive and needy…tells me all the time I am the only one he will ever love. I take care of all the bills. He does not help. All his money goes to drug treatment and suboxone. I hope one day he finally will just stop hanging on to me so tight. I hate him, but he makes me feel bad for it

  17. Gabo

    I hate my husband so much it makes me sick!
    From the beginning of the relationship he verbally and psychically abused me.
    I was 19 and I believed I didn’t deserve better and that I loved him with all my heart. He use to tell me every day ‘ You will never find someone better then me and no one will ever put up with your sh*t like I do ‘.
    Now 4 years later I am here and the only good thing he ever did was give me a son.
    He lies, he is egotistic, selfish and a womanizer. He likes constant attention from women and is a sick son of a bitch with very strange sexual tendencies. I once caught him adding transsexual women on an internet dating sight. He had emotional affairs while I was pregnant and hit me so hard I went into early labor and was put on bed rest for the remaining pregnancy. His mum is a f***ing bitch as well that raised him to be like this and is constantly telling him that he is some kind of God and that he should demand respect from people. He left me 8 months ago but still he is making my life hell because he lies to my family and records me going crazy at him after he pushes me mentally then black mails me. I have so many nasty text msgs and emails from him he deleted most of them behind my back when my mum let him in the house to visit our son so he could cover his ass.
    He constantly tells me how sh*t I am, swears at me, and how sh*t my mum is and my whole family YET they support him and pity him. He is a good actor he can literally turn on and off like a switch its insane.
    I feel like I have been in hell and I hate him so much I could tear his eyes out with my bear hands. I hate him for all the abuse and torment he puts me through. I think he is so ugly and I cant remember why I fell in love with him.

    So you know what I do. I drain that bastard and whatever opportunity get I destroy his sh*t. I have a love in my life and I am with him whenever I can be. I act one way to his face to get what I need till I can expose that piece of f***ing scum f**k for what he really is.

    I hope one of these days he takes his motorbike out and never comes back.
    We have a son but considering that lazy f**k spends as little time with him as possible and hits me while I hold my son. We are better off without him
    OH GOD HOW HORRIBLE I HAVE BECOME! But I don’t see a way out of this hell unless he or I die. And I would rather it be him!

    1. nhuho is an asshole

      Exact ly my case with the f** as**ho** husband. I wish he and his company van will get hit and his body is not even regconized for all the abusiveness he has done to me and the kids. He is an selfish, abusive, dog born human who hits, verbally abusive, womanized, lying dog I have met

  18. liz

    I just want you to know your not alone. everything you described about that evil man is what my husband is. I have 2 kids and my health is bad so i have not been able to work . Im feeling stronger and trying to find work now because i just want to take my kids and leave out of this h ell we live in don’t expect people to understand because unless they ever lives it their clueless i wish you luck as for myself also

    1. Linh

      i hate my husband so much, i f**king hate him so bad! i have a kid from him and it’s driving me crazy. he treated me like shit, no f**king respect! i hate him so much, one day i asked him for divorce then we had big argument, and he said that he will never responsible for child support, he said to get a job and don’t ask me for money. which is i never ask him for money and i left him and a job. but then he begging me to forgive him, i was so f**king stupid. and i took him back,hope he will change and he never change.and we had big argument again and he pushed while i carried my 4 months old son,then he choked my neck so, i was gasping for air…i thought i’m goin to die. i dont for how long he choked me,but since that i said to my self i will never forgive him, i told i f**king hate him so much, then i ran away . i left him and rent apartment, found a job but this a*shole always find away to abused me, he insulting in front people, called me names. i f**king hate him so much…he took my son from my hand, i feel like want to kill my self, i was so f**king depressed, sometimes i want him to punch,kick him, revenge!!! this f**king asshole think that deserved all shit, his name f**king old shit greg leach…f**king motherf**ker, f**king heartless abuser. and i’m stupid f**king bitch who always take him back ! wish i never met, wish i never have a kid from him. now i’m stuck with old freak…………..i’m trying to earn money again so i can take care myself and tell him to f**k off !!!

  19. youallneedjesus

    You all need Jesus Christ. You come on this forum ranting and hating but it is not Christ like. Sometimes we are victims but if you are you gotta do something about it then. hate and wishing people dead are not the answer. If that is your thoughts then you are obviously a million miles away from your Lord and Savior.

    1. anna

      It’s easy to judge but until you’ve walked in the shoes of a woman who’s been abused, those comments are just ignorant. I’m a Christian and grew up going to church. I came from a loving family and my dad respected my mom. HOWEVER…I wasn’t so lucky with the man I married. This man is so evil to the core. What these woman are saying as to how they feel, I can totally relate. Yes…we all need Jesus BUT no woman should be subjected to abusive behaviour. It’s easy to tell someone to “do something” but reality is, it’s not that easy. For all us woman who are going through hell…remember one thing…God sees EVERYTHING and one day these lowlife of husbands will get punished. In the meantime…trust God to protect you and your little ones. He will get us through bc his intention of marriage wasn’t for a man to abuse his wife. Stay strong!

      1. Luiza Menezes

        God sees everything, but when will such men get punished or be dead. Wish God would hurry and understand us.

    2. ann

      You need to ask Jesus to open your heart. You can’t tell people to “get some Jesus” because they have been through the wringer with their poorly chosen man.

      1. Anna

        I don’t know who you’re talking about, but the Jesus that I know would want us to “get some Jesus”, even if I made a bad decision and poorly chosen a man”, as you stated. I’m sure none of us women went into our marriage or relationship thinking that we were going to get abused and go through the “wringer”, but reality is, many women are living hard lives and you need to show a little more compassion than blurting out comments that don’t help the situation. There’s a way of showing compassion and then there’s a way of smacking someone in the face and thinking a few words are going to make them feel better and fix their problem. And by the way…my heart is fully open to Jesus and because of Him I have strength day by day.

    3. I Persist

      I once had a conversation about ‘God’ with a friend dying of cancer. I told her I’d never understand why God lets such horrible things happen to such good people.— My friend answered, “Because God is a man. A woman Goddess would never allow things to get so fu€k3d up.”

  20. Wife of a drunk

    I came to this website feeling like a lot of you ladies, but youallneedjesus is right, wishing people dead is not the answer and yes, I do feel a million miles away from my lord and savior at this moment, guess that means I need to bridge the gap.

  21. what the hell

    I hate my husband, he spirals out of control all the time, especially if he’s stressed out, he takes it out on me, he yells at me in front of my daughter. He loves to fight and argue. He is like a child. I can’t stand to look at him or be in the same room as him. If he died in a car accident I would feel sad for a while, especially since my daughter would have lost a husband, but at the same time I would be feeling freedom which would be awesome. I don’t want to leave him because my daughter would have to spend weekend with him and I dont’ want him to hit her or when I’m not around, there would be no one to protect her and stop him from going crazy. I don’t tolerate him hitting her, but if I’m not there, who knows what he would do. I hate him. He is such an immature, needy, negative, clingy, pathetic excuse for a man. I would be better off without him, he is like an anchor constantly dragging me down to his level. I wish there was some way out of this miserable marriage. I don’t love him anymore and I’m sure he doesn’t love me either. But I can’t put my daughter in danger. So i guess I’ll have to suffer until she’s old enough, then I will totally leave him. Can’t wait.. jUSt another 10 years I think.. 🙁

    1. Staying for the kids

      That’s my situation too, I don’t trust him alone with my kids and I don’t want them away from me every second weekend with him putting them in danger. This is why I keep putting up with his mental abuse and neglect, til the kids grow up, then I’ll leave.

      1. StuckInHell

        This is also my situation. My husband is abusive. I cant protect my kids when the court system will make them go with him every other weekend. So i stay in miserable hell. I love my children more than i love myself. But as soon as that youngest us old enough, maybe around 15, she won’t be forced to go with him and that’s when i will finally be free. That’s in 13 years.

  22. pain and no gain

    Well, I recently discovered that the shit head just drained our saving account. We pretty lost everything and in the worst time. I have been wanting to start a business and now I cannot. People said I can borrow from a bank but then why should I when I already saved enough money. Now I have to stat from the beginning. It is funny to see how I want to save every penny so that we can have emergency money and the shit head will spend money in any way he wants from car parts, bullets and shits. Everything always seems secretive; he never told me what he spent on and I had to find out when I checked the bank statement. He would be spending money on his car and I had to fight with him to get me a decent car after my 18-year old car died on me recently. He always said I deserve the best but it is always a sweet talk. We never have a wedding like what he promised me and about a wedding ring, I can forget that forever. I think i come to realize that I have one life and I deserve to be happy.

  23. risha

    my husband is the cruelest animal in world. he is well known businessman with good income, but he couldnt’t fathered a child because he diagnose with azoopermia zero sperm count. i have been in the disaster marriage for 5 years. he have been abusing me physically and mentally for five years. he would beat and bang me up. when he need sex he do like an animal and just go to sleep. he wont communicate with me. he always talk on the handphone and night he watch tv till late night. he wont care about whatever problem im trying to tell him. all the time he ask me to shut up. he used to tell me im useless and depending money on him.till now he used to tell about my past mistake and attack me when he is out of mood. if anything wrong happen he used to blame im the one who cause it.

  24. Ellci

    My husband takes money out of ‘our’ bank account that is just reserved for him, then when a big bill comes in asks me why I don’t have the money to pay! My son pays board, but is instructed to pay half to my husband and half to me, then my husband asks why the food bill is so high? We have been married for 23+ years and I have had enough . . . He constantly puts me down in front of our children (who ask me why I don’t just leave him) and reminds everyone that he is the main breadwinner. He is an asshole as a husband, but a fantastic father. I too am an asshole of a wife, but a wonderful mother to our kids. We agreed to stay together until the kids finish school, which is this year. I can’t afford to stay in the family home, although he can. My youngest has offered to move out with me, but as I have reminded them - this is good until their circumstances change.
    Neither my husband or I are looking for another relationship, do we just stay together as ‘friends’ or do we deserve so much better?

  25. Zam

    My husband is a big low life scum of earth he has no love no affection or respect for me runs away from home all the time which is good I could at least not sea his face and be around a sh*t bag, all he does is gets jelous swears and disrespects me if he wants me to be under his control then he won’t pay towards his child it makes him feel in control in his twisted head, one day I hope he just vanishes and never comes back, he’s a little idiot ugly and thinks he’s gods gift I am looking for a job so I can provide for me and my child he wants to control what I wear and do who I talk to and is mentally ill I have lost interest in him and already like somebody else but that guy won’t come forward knowing the difficult situation I am in I just want to feel happy again and not wurry about anything but with him he makes me because then he feels like he’s a bit if a man when he’s the biggest p*ssy around I hate him and his family they all are as bad as each other he is so possessive and jelous and insincere little sh*t bag I wish one day he gets killed and dies like a dog I hope he get ran over by the train I his car has a accident and me and my girl never have to see his ugly face again

  26. Zam

    I hate hm so much that his face even makes me sick but I’m his twisted head he thinks I can’t live without him but in reality I can and be very happy it’s so hard to be around a sh*t bag and not someone hu you actually love and have feelings for life can sometimes be so unfair I wish I never met him thesis thing I have to live with is that if he was good to look at then it would have made me feel a little better but he’s so ugly has a big fat nose is skinny like a stick,wonky eyes , flappy ears, got disabled feet, not a single thing makes me feel attracted , when he try’s to kiss or snog me it makes me sick I hate feeling his dirty lips and yes his egg head no dress sense and is a animal a but still claims to be good looking haha

  27. Anon

    I’m married for almost 8 years with 4 kids. Recently I ended up calling 911 from him, throwing me down in the driveway and blacking out and NOT stopping there. I stupidly bailed him out of jail for ths kids sake says he’ll never trust me again and the other night I was so scared I stood by the kids rooms (all sleeping thankfully) with a baseball bat and the phone set to call 911 if he came close. He was throwing things, breaking everything that matters to me, his ring, breaking all the gifts I’ve ever given him, heavy things too. I’m scared he’ll hurt the kids next, he’s mostly a good day but is far too hard on them and teases them and laughs about it in their face and if I try to stop him he comes after me with nasty remarks, not hurting me but just being scary and acting like he will. I feel so trapped. If I leave, and we divorce which I want to do, and he even get’s partial custody, his home is over seas and I’d not see them half the year I imagine I cannot miss my kids like that…and that is no life for them. The past few weeks I’m thinking things about him that make me feel awful for thinking, I won’t write them down as he’ll probably read this, he records all my phone calls, hacks my e-mails and facebook and has it all sent to his e-mail, has raped me 3 times (no consent I was drugged from sleep aids or hospital stays). He has camera’s in the house where I can’t see them because he knows things I speak with my mom about he couldn’t have being at work. I feel so trapped. Then he does wonderful nice things for me, and I feel bad for feeling this way, I know, it looks obvious to leave but it’s not that easy with kids…he is so persuasive.

  28. ben S

    You picked him. Stupid women pick the worst assholes to be with, so live with it or woman up and walk away or kill his ass, or shut the f**k up.

  29. nailem

    My H is a cheater, lazy, pervert, porn addict, liar.
    The bad thing is that I realized all these after 20 years of marriage and a daughter.
    Now I would like him to dissapear. I wouldn’t want him to die because it would hurt my
    daughter, but if karma brought his death, I would secretly hooray!
    I couldn’t believe people when they felt empty in a marriage of hate. Now
    I’m in a loveless marriage. This is prison and I want to get out.

  30. kiki

    I’ve been married going on 2 years and I can absolutely say that I hate my husband. Before marriage, we were good friends. We’d laugh a lot, hang out, pretty much inseperable. I won’t say it was because of the marriage, but ever since we’ve said our vows I have been emotionally miserable. We are like day and night. He aggravates the hell out of me because he doesn’t know how to stand up and be a real man. He is so passive and mute. Every time I tell him he needs to grow up n be a man, he puts his head down or won’t reply and nothing ever changes or gets resolved. He buys books on how to b a man and when I ask what he’s read so far he can’t even tell me. He is such a waste of my time. He pretends to do these things just to keep me around. He’s a liar and thinks he only has to pay bills to make the marriage work. How stupid because if I weren’t here you’d still have these same bills to pay. We spend no time together because he’s always eating or sleeping. We don’t even greet each other. We don’t hug kiss or even say goodnight. He has zero romance and we never have sex. Im 22 and he’s 23. He let’s ppl talk to him any kind of way and can’t stand up for me, let alone himself. I hate the way he walks, eats, sleeps, talks and that stupid sad puppy look in his eyes whenever I say I’m leaving. Grab your nuts and help make this marriage work! I refuse to wear the pants and let him borrow my skirt, I wasnt raised that way. Its like being married to a 6 yr old, I have to tell him everything to do. This marriage is so stagnant, he doesn’t have any common sense either. I have absolutely no attraction to him and I never will. There is no chemistry, spark or connection between us. Im bored as shit. I would have been left his ass except we have a 9 month old daughter and im 3 months pregnant. Im miserable and hate having to live w him. We never ever talk and my life is rotting away. I was taught that marriage is forever and if that is true, I’ve signed my entire life over at age 20.

  31. justmealone

    I am glad my husband is dead! He abused me sexually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I AM SO GLAD HE IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. realwidow

    My advise is do not feel that husband is abusive,a drug addict and hangs out w/ gay men.he is never home w/ me on weekends (leaves early saturday morning then comes back sunday night or monday dawn).he always finds ways to leave me alone at home thou i dont find our neighborhood safe.i also felt like i wanted him to die at the start when he was becoming abusive(i didnt know he was into gay men and drugs then).in fact at one time he was really sick and i didnt mind him at all and was hoping he dies(he went to the ER himself now im so relieved he didnt die then) but he did die recently about something else.i am now greiving so hard you cannot imagine.when he was extremely sick and critical i told myself if he gets well i will forgot about all his shortcomings and move back to our home (i have left for a month already for myself and my baby’s safety-i am pregnant).now hes dead and i dont know if i can take it anymore.we are recently married and he was very different after we got married but i realized that i so love him so much,i dont even remember the bad times just the good times w/c is why im hurting so much and i feel like i cant take it anymore

  33. Rj

    I have the same problem.. I live with a guy whos a liar selfish hypocrite asshole.. There is nothing good in him.. He is self centered bastarf whos always putting me down although we both know that im better than him.. He’s ugly, so thin, have a very bad breath and very bad odor, he even refuse to take a bath.. Physically he looks like a reptile.. Why on earth i end up with him.. i wish that karma will take a revenge on him.. He always makes my life miserable emotionally abusing me everyday, every second of the day.. I dont even want to look at his disgusting face.. All he want to do is to play games at his cellphone and computer and drink with his leech friends.. Life witj him is really miserable, all he wanted is to torture me and make my life hell.. He’s so ugly inside and out.. I wish that he will die horribly!!

  34. CJ

    I can’t stand my husband…..He complains about everything, he doesn’t feel he needs to support me and our kids, and he wants to be treated like a man…I treat him like a little girl….I had to use savings to pay bills because he is uneducated and can’t make any real money..and now he says he can’t forgive. I won’t buy a home with him because I don’t want to be with him indefinitely, and kind of hope that he gets hit by a bus in the meantime. I am only with him to keep my family together for the kids.

  35. joeshmo

    I HATE my husband. He’s a piece of sh*t that plays video games all day f*cking long. He’s 31 and acts like 13. He yells, screams to the top of his lungs and calls me every name in the book and in front of our son. He’s such a loser. Doesn’t work, takes one class at a time, plays games all day. The biggest loser you will ever meet. He is absolutely good for NOTHING!!!! Oh and has a small dick. ????

    1. Someone

      My common-law partner has a fucking law degree, but spends ALL of his time playing computer games. He doesn’t work. He’s such a loser. All he does is play his loser computer games while I work minimum wage jobs trying to earn enough to support me, him, and our two-year old daughter. I fucking hate him and I wish I had never met him. He should be earning a six-figure salary but because he’s such a lazy loser, we’re well below the poverty line. I wish he’d do me a favour and either leave or drop dead.

  36. anon

    Im financially dependent with this loser for almost 9 years now.before him i had a good career that pays well. He stopped me from working so i can mother the children. I love the kids so much and they are the only reason im still in this miserable marriage. My husband is an ugly weird uneducated piece of shit. He was totally different before marriage. He is now a monster addicted to his stupid “depression” medicine..he doesnt like anything except makign money which he usually f**ks up anyway cuz he is so stupid. He has no passion for anything and would just like to talk and talk about himself or brag about stuff he heard from his stupid buddies cuz u know he cant really learn anything as he cant even f**kin read or send emails. He wont go out..he wont try new things new food new places dumbass awkward shithead. This man talks more than a woman does. Stupid grammar. Old. Hunched. Cnt walk properly even cuz he always has some pain here or there when in f**king fact it’s his lazy ass being stuck on the couch or bed for so long that is why his muscles unable to function normally..imagine a loser who would bring himself to the e.r. many times and being diagnosed for F**KIN NOTHING?!.. WHAT A HYPOCHONDRIAC LOSER. I have wasted away 9 years of my life with this loser. My youngest is only 3. When he turns 12 onwards it’s time for me to leave. So i have at least 9 more years to put up with this loveless pathetic relationship. I want a life. I need a life but i wont cheat with respct to my children. I hope he stay less and less in the house or that he just go abroad or something so i wont have to put up with his awkward stupid face.

    1. anna

      Sounds like my husband….I call my lazy ass a catty little school girl. I hear you with respect to staying in the marriage bc of the kids. So sad how we have to waste precious years living with an asshole. I swear these low life men needs a reality check. I’m sure they will one day get what they deserve.

  37. Ononotagain

    I too feel this way about my SO. I am very resentful of his nott doing what he promised. I wanted thisb to work. I dont see how though just biding my time. I am falling out laughing in agreement with these post. Im glad I found this. Hang in there ladies, I be damned if this B$”^ outlives me!!!

  38. Splash

    Hi Ladies, im not married but after listening to these articles and seeing and witnessing bad men just like this in real life, i will think very carefully about who i marry in the future. Sounds like a lot of you were DECEIVED. I was deceived many times in the past by bad men, and after deception comes knowledge and hopefully improvement, and a kicking to the kerb of bad men- let the scumbags be kicked to the kerb and left on their own, for they dont deserve a good women at all!

  39. Cg

    I was in a bad way and wound up having sex with my married boss under pressure. What’s worse is I convinced myself to like him so it didn’t seem so bad and wrong. The whole time I was questioning my judgement and stuffing my better judgement aside. I had a baby by him - and he convinced me to stay and to make it work. He divorced his wife. I realized I made a HUGE mistake but only when it was way too late. Being Catholic and feeling the catholic guilt from my mom, I am trying so hard to make it work. My son is 15 months old - from even before his birth I was HATING his father. I hate him so much- his voice, his tone, his attitude, his condescending ways, everything about him irritates the shit out of me. I am not attracted to him at all. I had sex with him about two years ago and never sense and that’s when I conceived my child. I continue to try to make it work- I guess out of fear and out of low self esteem, the fact I’m almost 40 now and don’t know how great my options are that I’m 40, with a child and overweight now. I used to be pretty and single. The stress has aged me and I haven’t taken care of myself. So I just stay- bc I’m a chicken and clearly I’m weak. But I hate him and I feel trapped and imprisioned. I feel like he controls me and manipulates me and I feel like I’m not strong enough to leave. It’s a mental thing. I want to kick him in the face and walk or of here and never come back! The only reason I stay is out of guilt and trying to do right by my son- but I hate the dad and wish he would just disappear.

  40. Staying for the kids

    I also hate my husband but I’m staying for the kids. It’s doable because he works out of town a lot so I don’t have to see him every day. I have a good job and would leave him if it weren’t for the kids. The thing is there is no watch I’m going to let him be alone with the kids every second weekend, he has proven 1000 times he’s not to be trusted. He’s extremely irresponsible and has put them in harms way. If I left him and he had them on weekends he’d feed them crap, put them in danger, and probably introduce them to an unwelcome woman like him. Also my kids would be devastated if I left him. So I suck it up 🙁 when they are adults I will leave him for SURE and enjoy the last chapter of my life without him.

  41. Patricia

    I also hate my so called idiotic husband and yes wish he could die. I know that we all need Jesus, m a Christian and began to grow this anger and hatred towards him. 14 years of my life with this fu*ken Nigerian illitrate useless verbally and emotional abusive man. He doesn’t help with supporting our children, our children school fees became higher bcz he didn’t care as he doesn’t know the school door by himself. I run a child daycare in r house, trying to sustain myself and my 4children but had 3 for him. I buy groceries, cloth the children and myself with no help from him. All he knowz is that his business is not doing well, whilst he us womanizing out there. I have tried 3times divorcing him, he begged for forgiveness and I foolish woman kept on taking him back believing he will change and realizes his mistakes as he was damn cheating on me since we met, he couldn’t even satisfy me in bed, infact de mada f**ker was even lazy in bed. As of this moment I moved out of r bed 3months now after taking my money I was saving to buy car for myself. Out of it I forced buying auction car that needs fixing and he promised to fix it as he knew he is still holding my money. He didn’t fix and for that I hate him and out of all the miserable life I lived with that idiot, may God forgive me but I wish him death or let him relocate back to his country and leave me with my children. I really hate him with everything and with passion.

  42. RHEA

    My husband is a jerk. He calls me names, tells me if we get a divorce I’m on my own. He’s clocked me a few times and I’m scared of him. Help me.

    1. anna

      Men who put women down have “major” issues and are insecure. My husband calls me names on a consistent basis. He treats me like shit then when I threaten divorce, he tells me how he will make my life a living hell. If I can give you any advice, it would be to ignore ignorant comments and know that the hurtful words he speaks to you are pure lies. Men like this never deserved a wife and family….they deserve to be alone. My husband goes out whenever he pleases but if I go out…even with my mom he gets upset and when I come home starts accusing me of being with a man. If that’s not someone who is mentally unstable, I don’t know who is. These are not men….and husbands who treat their wives like crap do not really love their wives. You don’t hurt people you love.

  43. Bobbyq

    I hate my f**king husband too. I met him and he didn’t have a cent to his name. I had it all, degree, job, car, my first house. He ruined me. He is abusive physically verbally mentally and then it is all my fault. I f**king hate his ugly stupid dumb ass and every day hope he dies. He is a f**king loser and sounds like the biggest dumb ass when around smart people. I could go on .. leaving is no option. I put my parents through hell to be with him. Again listen to your daddy, my dad told me this would happen .. I wish I made a better choice I wouldn’t be in the shit position I am in now .

  44. George

    Haha I’m glad I get along with my wife. You people are f**king nuts. Lol. Go see a f**kin psych

  45. Mar

    The problem with divorce is the decree is hard to enforce without a contempt of court ruling where the guy might go to jail for a few days. Most men are idiots and fight the dissolution making it cost thousands more than it needs to. You just want out but if you leave and don’t have kids chances are good you will never get him out of the house you own together and he won’t pay his half. Sign a quit claim deed before he gets your name off the mortgage and you will really be screwed.
    They make divorce way too hard for women who just want a fair settlement and to get away from the creep she married. The 90 day waiting period is bullshit and hopefully the guy won’t go whacko and try to kill you.

  46. MarriedtoAsshole

    I have read all of the comments and can relate to most of them. For those still trapped in a miserable marriage with an Asshole, please plan to leave but look after yourself first.

    See an attorney get advice on where you stand legally and financially. Attorney will advise you what and how can protect yourself. DO NOT let husband know you have been to an attorney.based on attorney advice, start:

    Hiding and saving your own money.
    Make copies or keep original of all important documents - bank statements, insurance, car registration, his 401k, birth certificate of children etc.
    Keep photos and records of the abuse and other things likely to hurt him in court.
    Act nice around him but behind his back, collect as much evidence as possible to destroy him.
    Be smart and look out for yourself.

    When you are ready to leave, engage your attorney and surprise your husband with lawsuit. Make sure you leave from a position of strength.

  47. asshine

    I wish husband die right now too.
    I don’t even want to use MY.
    He’s always mad and cussing all that time. has ADD.
    can’t take it anymore.
    doesn’t do anything around the house.
    just sit all day.
    hope he die soon. I mean like right now.


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