My wife is annoying the way she complains about everything I do from the moment I wake up in the morning till I go to bed at night
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My wife is annoying the way she complains about everything I do from the moment I wake up in the morning till I go to bed at night

The title pretty much sums it up. I get up in the morning I use the bathroom. She complains if I forget to dry up any water that gets on the counter when I wash my face. If I don’t forget to dry up the water she complains that I didn’t do it well enough because there’s still a drop of water in that corner right there. If she doesn’t find even a drop of water to complain about she complains that I left the face towel on the counter, (the one I used to dry up the water). If I put the face towel in the basket for the dirty towels she complains I put the wet towel in the basket. If everything is right with the water and the towel she complains about water on the floor, drops of water on the toilet seat, the toilet seat left up, the shower curtain not pulled back to the closed position, the towel left over the curtain rod, the towel not neatly hung, water splashed on the mirror, the bathroom rug wet proving I stepped out of the tub before drying my feet, my shaver out of place, my soap dish disgusting, the toothpaste not being squeezed from the bottom up, the toothpaste not closed back completely. And this is just within the first fifteen minutes of starting the day. It’s all I get from morning till night. My only peace comes from being at work and even then she calls or texts to complain about stuff. Is it unheard of to leave your wife because of her constant complaining?

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My wife is annoying the way she complains about everything I do from the moment I wake up in the morning till I go to bed at night, 8.2 out of 10 based on 137 ratings

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  1. bmwpreacher

    I bitched over loading the dish washer. I try to help out with little stuff around the house. She bitches I don’t cut the grass right. She bitches because I put trash in the recycle. I can’t paint because I slopped some paint on the floor while she splashes paint all over the steps. I work on the bath room I have to lever the floor with leveling cement, it weights too much. I leave tooth past on the bath room sink. She complains because I went to college and she didn’t. She bitches I don’t want to have sex with her. Can you blame me who want to make love to someone who bitches you don’t do it right.
    We have been together 15 years I don’t know it I can take it anymore….

    Thinking about leaving the bitch

    1. Ebel Skiver

      yea… i made some pancakes for her and guess what????

      THE BITCH THROWS THEM UP saying….what the hell is this shit?

      And i say EbelSkivers?

      Bitch hit me in the head with the pan….

        1. Tuxedo Cat

          Life is too short to spend with someone who you can never please. I know from sad, bad experience. My first marriage (no kids) to him (second marriage (four kids). Everything I did was wrong, I did not deserve any respect. I must have been out to lunch when I married him. Please leave that nasty thing and find someone you will love and appreciate and vice versa. Best luck.

      1. Bettermanwalksaway

        I would tell her it’s the first (if it’s not already the first) time she has hit you pack everything you have and leave and divorce her, no need for a selfish child who can’t be greatful.

      2. jørgen hansen

        Ebelskivers are a Danish delicatesse. They taste great. Your wife should have kissed you and said ‘thanks.’ Everybody in Denmark loves Ebelskivers.

    2. Eddie

      Dude, this sounds like my wife. I have been married for 23 years and am tired of this life style as well. Seriously considering a divorce because I have not been happy for some years. I thought that buy a 390000 house would chear her up. It has only gotten worse.

          1. adel bouchkara

            man i wonder how you guys could handle it that much me and my bitch have been married under one year and i start to dislike her. she is getting on my nerves always crying and alway’s tells me that i yell at her even if we are only discussing. f**king coward bitch -_-

        1. Brian.

          Drink bad, you lose control. Smoke a joint instead. If you dont smoke, eat some space cake. It softens the “blows” and lets comments go over your head. You might even laugh a bit at her comments if you are high…….that will piss her off majorly.

          1. Don

            Yea I don’t drink but I get high as fuck and stay up late. My wife bitches about everything I moved to from paradise in New Zealand to a shit hole uk for her spent my life saving on buying her a house I clean up after her dog I clean the house and the bathroom I work full time while she sits at home trying to say she is self employed and when I get home the sink is full of dirty dishes she always block the shower drain with her hair I never complain about a think but she always finds something to bitch about. You know when you are single and all the married guys are telling you to stay single and not get married. I should have listened to them

      1. Wendy Barnes

        Because her problems are with herself but she tricks you and herself into believing that some outside material thing will cure what has ailed her all her life. Try reading some Dr. Laura Scheslinger. It may help you realize you cannot control her and maybe you need to make a different lifestyle choice between now and dead.

        1. Matka

          What bullshit advice. And coming from a woman, wow. What if this guys wife has been asking nicely for years giving this man chance after chance to get his living habits in order and she has just become fed up with him still making the same mistakes and not showing and value or care for her feelings and just how much these things really do bother her. Maybe she is neat as a pin would it kill a man to try harder each day? Love is work and if you love someone working hard until you reach perfection is what you expect from a relationship. Seeing as how this man is referring to his wife a “Bitch” this makes it pretty obvious there is no love there and people dont try to do things to please someone they dont love.

          1. Steve

            Or maybe he tries, and the more he tries, the more she bitches, and the more he tries, the more she bitches, and she pushed him so far away and she makes him miserable and he doesn’t care anymore. Like when i am riding home from work and dread going home because i know i’ll have to fight over something ridiculous like leaving a crumb on the counter

          2. Sean

            You sound like my wife. Hard as nails. Always complaining if things aren’t perfect. Always needing me to work harder at figuring out what the he’ll she needs but it’s never good enough.

          3. Joe

            It is hard tho when you work and are the only one that works. And you just want to unwind at the end of the day instead of going to the bar. I made one at home to fix the issue. She likes drinking too, but does not work nor has a licence or car. I pay all the bills and mortgage. And complains i do nothing and all i do is drink. Threatens me with divorse all the time. So i told her get the papers.

      2. tom

        i hear you i have married almost 16 and i can’t stand her. unfortunately we have a special needs child and it’s difficult to take care of him. I realize of the fact that it requires both of us to cater to his disability but i keep telling myself if he was never born i would have left her ass almost a decade ago.

      3. AJ

        I’ve been married for 8 years now and for at least 6 years I want out… She nags about everything, questions all I do, and second guess’ me. I have tried to separate but she won’t allow it, I handed her divorce papers and she put them away and said no, told me that’s not a good enough reason! I want out, I do not want to be around this bitch, I am trapped, I am a prisoner. I look forward to work, because it’s away from her! I am ready to quit my job, pack up some stuff and move out of state…problem is all my family is here and her family is out of state. What to do?

        1. Aron

          Start having sex with another woman or several other women until you find one you really like and want to be with then let her discover the affair on her own leave clues that’s what I did worked like a charm. She took me for everything I had but guess what I’m happy now and my new wife don’t care about money or things she tries her best to please me everyday and I try my best to make her happy and it’s the greatest thing in the world. Oh and btw the sex is amazing and plentyful hope this helps

          1. Jason

            I had a great relationship with my partner for the best part of ten years but then in the last year things gradually deteriorated to the point I had to leave, everything I was doing was wrong which translated into the male language means, I am finished with this relationship and I want another man to value and respect again. Sorry for being so blunt but you have to know the signs.

    3. Manish Pathak

      A woman can keep a many happy(100% Guarantee) only in two conditions….

      1. If she is your mother

      2. If she is a call girl

      1. adel bouchkara

        that’s totally true bro 🙂 i haate my wife so much that i want her to stay virgin and never get my dick cuz she dont deserve it. i plan to go behind her back and f**k a random women 😛

    4. Chris Deaven

      Just leave I see and hear about this same shit constantly from all my married friends and family members my god women suck after awhile they all become annoying life &soul sucking pieces of shit. I just turned 36 been sleeping with and trading in young 20 to 26 yr olds my whole life more than 6 months and ur in for trouble just keep it fresh and u will be happy and truly get the most out of life . Being stuck with some angry old cunt u really don’t want to f*ck or even be friends with until u die is a horrible waste of a life don’t fall for the fairy tale horse shit it was invented by desperate nags to make sure they have $ to piss away their entire lives so they make sure they try and hook on deep before there only redeeming assets aka pu*sy is not desirable anymore by 30 or so its a survival tactic for them and a life crusher for men don’t fall for the trap it only benefits them and they really don’t mind sacrificing your entire existence to ensure there comfort. I warned u all now make the smart choice and actually live u only get one shot to do it to the best of your abilities

      1. Jerry

        That’s some funny shot dude because its true. I pulled my wife out the gutter and for the last ten years I haven’t been able to shake the birch,

      2. Aj

        So if your tappin 20 something hotties, and it’s all great for you……then why are you here on this post? I smell something.


      i think your should leave her ass mine bitches at me to and always calls me names for no reason just to be a c*nt. yells at me cuz i moved a paper from where she had it only two inches from where she put it cuz i was cleaning the f**king counter.i am sick of the sh*t to what man wants to be talked to like a punk or her bitch not me or let alone any man i know it gets really old and hella fast.


    6. Dee Scott

      Get up take a piss then start picking her apart the way she is picking you apart. start nagging just like her. Tell her her butts to big and her nose it crooked and that she snores all night long. Bitch just like her and see how she takes it then you know what course of action to take. If she runs around trying to correct everything you complain about do the same if she gets offended and cusses you out use the same method. You won’t please her. The problem is in her head. she has control over you and she is maximizing it. She gets her kicks out of bitchin and probably never loved you to begin with. she just wanted a puppy on a sting! People like her are control freaks and they are freaking miserable all the time cause they just nag and nag and complain then won’t put out either. There hundreds of good women out here but I watch scores of men just put up with a bitch cause they think that is the way it has to be. Life is to short for all the bull. Do her the same way she does you and see how long she puts up with it! You will have your answer soon as you start acting like her!

    7. Philip Boepple

      Hey! As long as you can get away from her with out her managing to collect all kinds of money and assets from you, I would most certainly leave the damn bitch and tell her to go to hell! And NO, do NOT let her tell you “she loves you” because actions speak louder than words and I can assure you that, giving what you have stated here is correct, she does LOT love you! Otherwise she would NOT treat you that way. GET RID OF THE DAMN BITCH.

    8. Craig

      By the time you read this reply, I hope you are divorced and free from her. There are MANY women out there just like her. I read an article which explains why this behavior starts. First, the behavior is already in the bitch. You don’t see it during the dating phase because each is on their best behavior to win the other over. Once married, there is nothing to “win” anymore and the true person emerges. It spirals down hill from then. Kids in the picture make it hard to get out. The more years in makes it harder until one day you realize that you really don’t deserve this unhappiness and decide to leave.

  2. daniel

    ha, ha….. sole brothers…. we are in the same club…. my wife complains from AM to PM…. and calls to work to complain….. she even complains if my toes are not right to the end of sandles when I walk outside…. she complains (i swear truth) if she does not like the angle of my little finger when I walk (i swear this is true and a biggy in our marriage)….

    and i really dont have a huge sexual feeling toward her…. how can you want to make love to someone who complains from AM to PM…. now she is complaining that i dont have sex with her…. she only likes sex late in the evening…. but she stays up until 3 or 4 am every night on the computer and watching tv whilst i sleep at midnight (for work the next day)…. sometimes in the am we will have sex (the night sleep has worn off all the rubbish i remember)…. but now she complains about that

    hmmmm…. another lost weekend upcoming…. arrived home from work fri evening and the complaining started…. now she is not talking to me…. she complained until she became upset - now she is not talking…. i usually give her a massge each morning… just a habit… but this am she complained i only do that to make up for the drama…. what drama????????? she just complained until she became angry…. and she became angry so she stopped talking…. what drama

    this is my normal daily life….

    my plan is to not argue back or react at all anymore…. lord knows how long that will take to recondition her… i guess she is used to controlling by complaining

    1. Cat

      You know what?
      I am a woman and my husband is the exact same of what you describe for your wife.

      He complains I don’t walk straight, I wear too much black clothes, I am not creative with my attire, I make to much noise while working in my computer even with me always wearing headphones. He complains about me doing everything at home, then I call him to help and he complains that he has to help. I work from home, he decided to quit his job and now he spends all day at home. He started doing some project for himself, earns no money which wouldn’t be a problem because I make a good living, and if he wasn’t always telling me how to spend the money I bring home. I can’t even think about buying something without some remark from his side, and I mean buying something for the house, not for me. And regarding his project it was having trouble and I’ve suggested a couple of solutions that he said should be me to put in place. I have no time for myself. I spend the bloody 24 hours of the day in front of this person, and from those I work 12 hours a day, plus taking care of the house tasks and studying (am finishing my masters degree). Honestly I dream a lot about being alone. I am 29, he’s 33. We’ve been married for 4 years… This to me is a bloody nightmare.

      1. Steven

        What are you looking for here in this blog? Someone to give you a reason to hear what your itching ears want to hear? I love how women always have to get involved in blogs that have nothing to do with them to always appear to “show the other side”. The fact of the matter is the roles have changed from the early 1900s. Men pay hearty for leaving their relationships, period. Women have way more support than a man is ever going to have all things being equal. We will always be seen as shut up and put up. You want equality? Start doing the same princess.

        1. Dee Scott

          Yep that is exactly what men have let happen! any feed back on why men let it happen? Real women don’t get any respect either it is just these bitchy things that are always rooting around for money and power. They are like some sort of f**ked up machine. Man dog they princess if you aint’ got silcone in you and look like the play boy bunnies you aint’ nothing! The mentality is certainly f**ked up!

        2. 😉

          She has plenty right to comment you pit this is a blog about woman for God sakes. And she was simply agreeing. You must be a menamist. Hana

      2. Philip Boepple

        Sounds like you two should not have married and based on being what you stated here is correct, I would get the hell away from him. If he does nothing but complain about everything you do then he does NOT love you! There is another thing here: “Master’s degree”? That is quite a load for a married person who is working full time! I only went to school when I was single. You need to get away from this guy is he is complaining all the time. Just don’t let him sue you just because you are making more than him, I think he needs a job and to forget about a mate for a while and get back to the drawing board.

    2. JackBlack

      My wife complains about my breathing. She says I don’t breathe like a normal person because I sometimes hold my breath when I am thinking about something. Maybe I should just stop breathing and then she can’t complain anymore?

  3. FSL

    I just got divorced. My ex wife was very similar. A woman like this is not satisfied with herself, and finds things to put you down because it shifts the attention to you. My ex wife would wake up in a bad mood, start the day complaining and talking to me as if I were a child. Then she would complain about not getting sex from me, but how was I supposed to be attracted to her? Marriage is about acceptance, unity and friendship, and when your wife stops acting like a friend, it’s very hard to be attracted. If your wife can not see the good in you, if all she wants to do is point out meaningless issues, the best thing you can do is couples therapy…if she doesn’t improve, it’s time to move on.

    1. NavyBuckeye

      Holy shit. I live this, day in and day out. I got out of the Navy to get a great job. She picks the place to live (cuz I have a few options in regards to offers). We move, nothing but complaining. She’s away form her family, she hates life, she’s miserable, she can’t find work (That’s what you get for majoring in English…..everyone knows Liberal arts leads to shit). Now four years later…the same damn thing but now she bitches that its not fair that our kids lives are good, she has to work during odd hours cuz all she can do is work at a bar (no one wants to hire an M.A in English Grad)…she curses me, she wishes I would fail….I hate it…I want to double bitch slap her sooo f**king bad.

    2. chevrolet_gt

      My wife and I have just changed places pretty much. I was only working on the weekends and going to school during the week while she also went to school during the weekdays that I wasn’t. She has graduated since then and has now got a full time job which is good because my job wasn’t paying hardly anything anymore. Just a brief on history, I have been dealing with gender dysphoria for years but I still love my wife and I’m not willing(at least at this moment) to ruin my marriage for my gender issues. We seemed to have come to terms on that issue because I suppress it the best I can and she can tolerate some things I do to deal with it. But now that I stay at home and clean the house and watch the kids and go to school it has become worse. I never complained like she does now. Even when I worked 50+ hours a week I never complained except for one thing and that was my little personal space that I wanted, basically my computer desk area. Nobody seems to respect my wishes and they trash my desk even when I ask them not to, how hard is it to put your trash in the trash can next to the desk or take you dishes to the sink? Anyways, I try to keep up with 3 kids(13, 7, and 4) who trash the house everyday. Then we have 3 cats and 2 dogs who sometimes make messes and tear stuff up. Either way I work at my own pace and eventually get the stuff done, mainly because I have bad arthritis in one of my ankles which sometimes makes it impossible to move around depending on the weather or how active I’ve been on it in the last day or so, sometimes walking on it too much(3 or 4 hours straight sometimes less) can cause me to need crutches for 3 or so days. It isn’t fun but I do my best to deal with it. Anyways, most of the messes that she complains about are the ones she makes and turns around and blames them on me(ex. dishes and trash all over the dresser on her side of the bed). I ask for some help, simple things like taking your dishes to the sink, or putting your trash in the trash can, well nobody listens or complies with any of that and I’m yelled at for getting frustrated. I’m starting to feel like a maid/slave. I’m not into that stuff. Well lately she got pissed at me because I was trying to do 2 or 3 things at the same time on top of being sick and I didn’t do what my 4 year old asked immediately. It was either burn the brunch I was cooking for her, because now she sleeps until 10am after getting off work at midnight and staying up until 3 or 4(something she complained that I did when I worked from noon to midnight at my old job)) or get the kid what he wanted right now. Then she said she didn’t want the food I cooked for her. It seems I live in a house of ungratefulness and when I complain about anything I’m told I’m overreacting. I’m all for women and their being treated equally and fairly but this has to stop or I’m seriously going to consider leaving. I love my kids and I will have to sacrifice a lot if I leave(maybe even school) but it isn’t healthy for me to be depressed with my own issues and to have her beat me down like that I already have very low self worth.

  4. Jim

    Just Amen to all of the above. I’ve about had it myself. Beautiful house, beautiful family and nothing, paid off car for her but a constantly griping spouse. She is either worried or agitated at something all the time. If all is right in the world, she’ll make up something to be upset about. She used to complain because I wanted sex early in our marriage (12 years ago). She trained me well and I don’t even want it from her anymore and now she complains about that. Can’t win. Missing being single again, but don’t want to do that to our kids. Our daughter is already old enough and only a few more years until our son is old enough that I believe he’ll understand and then and I’m out of here…

    1. Barber

      check this out: I get embarrassed in public by my wife. Somethings she can tease me about and I dont care but in public is over the line. I let her know I was embarrassed and uncomfortable. She apologizes.

      Great so far.

      Then she tells me not to be mad at her. Why are you mad at me she says. I mad at her she says. While I am trying to get past the embarrassment she keeps at me and tries to make my reaction (which was minor, about 20 seconds lived and quiet then I was over it) a bigger deal than the hurtful things she just said about me. Holy cow, I went from the target of her hurtful teasing to the bad guy. This crap is getting old fast. What am I supposed to do, take the public embarrassment and not let her know how that felt. I am tired of apologizing for my “reactions” that come on the heels of her badgering and making things into a bigger deal than they are. Then she throws out the “so you are saying that my feelings make you mad and act the way you do.” As if I am an abusive husband that beats her and says “you are making me beat you.” Thats messed up. Twisted BS game she plays.

      I like to walk away to calm down and she wants a sounding board that stays put. She says that if I do that I am passive aggressive. I know I have balls and all, but that doesnt mean I am the agressor, bully, etc… And the sad thing, we did counseling before we got married and now are less than two years married. Hell, the counselor we went to see was starting to say she was the problem then all of a sudden she doesnt like that counselor anymore. How did I get into this mess?

      1. scott

        haha… well, thanks for cheering me up!! i’ve let some annoying girls go over the years because i could see where it was heading.. good to see i made the right choice! good luck with your situations

      2. Poor Bastard

        Bingo… you hit the nag I live with on the head, 3 years after our kid is out of school and I am gone. For now I will just appease her nagging ass.

      3. Adam

        I know this is not politically correct…but if you could still bitch slap the shit out of her in front of everyone…if women were still subject to this kind of treatment…it would cure a lot of this BS we have to take from them.

        Men have been completely emasculated in our culture today. Total BS.

        1. Saurus

          Adam, you’re absolutely right, men have been completely emasculated in our culture. Just casually peruse TV ads where there’s both men and women in it. We’re either idiots chasing breasts or we’re being censored / chastised / corrected / ignored by whatever woman is nearby. I’m getting sick of it. It dig the idea of equal value of men and women, but that also requires equal responsibility for what comes out of each of our mouths. If we’re jailed for physically abusing women, women should be jailed for mentally abusing men.

          I’d sometimes rather have a dog than a wife. At least with a dog, you can teach it something and it will still love you to the end of its life. You try and teach a woman / your wives something, and they make you pay for the rest of your marriage (and beyond). BTW, I’ve been living with and married to the same woman (who nags me for no apparent reason) for 11 years. It’s getting old and it ages me.

        2. Don

          So true, my wife wears the pants in our marriage everything is her decision. She always tries to put me down saying I don’t do much with my life I’m at work all week and and the weekend I just like to relax but because she doesn’t work she gets bored at home and takes it out on me. I think she has major psychological issues. Before we got married she said she wanted kids and to live in New Zealand but she made me move to the uk this place is an shit hole, she also said she wanted kids now she has changed her mind it should be illegal to to that.

  5. Lamont Johnson

    Good Stuff! I can totally relate. I think it’s women not being happy with themselves and tearing us men down thru verbal abuse and control issues to make themselves feel better about themselves. Yes the nagging wife is alive and well.

  6. Mike

    They are all the same, women are screwed up complicated and annoying. My wife is the same way complains about everything. From morning until night nothing I do is right, if I clean around the house she points out the stuff I missed, nothing is ever up to her standards.

    As for sex, there is none, I use to try all the time and get the same answer…no. And when I do get it,’it’s like she is doing me a favor, I don’t even bother anymore. Weekends are the worst it’s just constant complaining, I’d rather be at the office.

    So fed up with the BS.

    1. trish

      I am different, i am calm, giving, polite and i was a good wife. He nagged, moaned about everything, he was spiteful and mean to everyone. Even men told me face to face what he was like, as if i didn’t know! Many were interested in me for how i am, but another one like that man - no thank you. I am normal, i am happy in myself, the abuse from him was torment. I still have nightmares about being in bondage to a person like that, i tend to run off in the dreams just to get away from him. People tend to try and condition me to their ways, he wanted me to nag, i never nag. Some of us ladies are ok, but we tend to attract the control freaks. I am a nice person, but i am also independent and fiery. I have met some nice men too, but i am too far gone to ever let a man into my life again. I feel as if i have been cheated of knowing how good it can be. Hoping someone will change for the better rarely works, they cannot change for the better. Some are stuck in their ways, i have noticed this in my children. Tolerance wears you down in the end.

      1. Cat

        I am married and feel utterly alone. I have tried to appease him, but to no avail. I am just trying to keep it together until I have a job and can support myself. I know that sounds horrible, but I have a child to think about. There is a lot to my story, but like you, I will never be able to trust another man or to give my heart away again. I have lost the last 13 years of my life and will never get them back, but maybe I will at least be able to make myself happy.

      2. Kelby

        Unbelievable, you told a legitimate story of heartbreak that you suffered, and you get punished for it in the form of many dislikes, how heartless 🙁 I thumbed you up and the person that replied to you. Everyone else, please try to understand these two, maybe these two are really honest and told their honest experiences, and have honest hard feelings about their experiences.

        I’m a single woman, and planning to stay that way. It’s sad to say but people these days don’t treat marriage like the sacred union of trust, love, and friendship that it is. Yes, the men are right to complain about their nagging wives, I HATE whiny people like that. But there are also men that do this as well, just like your ex did. I’m glad you managed to leave that whiny asshole. Same to you too, Cat 🙂

        As to the men, if you’re the one doing as much as you can and your wife is really an ungrateful bitch who can’t even say “thank you,” then it’s time for either marriage counseling, or if all else fails, divorce. Even if it goes that far, good luck.

  7. sarah

    OK to all these men that talk down women there is nothing wrong with us except the fact that the men we chose to be with marry have kids with stand by all the time cant do the simple things that they know irriate the hell out of us but do it anyway. You men think that women are just there to be your little wife and not apperciate us for all the things we have gone through for our men. We birth your children which is never going to be a easy process, we put up with the little comments that you and your friends make, and clean and cook and take all the bs. But not once can you understand that all we want is love kindess and caring for us and our kids and not to leave messes when it would take you like a sec to put the toliet seat down or wipe up some water. Maybe you should all take a good hard look at what your wifes go through for you and for once in your life say hey baby thank you for all you do and start working on those stupid little things that you know upset her.

    1. Andrew

      Sarah you sound like one of those housewives that complain about everything that the guy one day leaves for some young hot girl. What you dont realize is that these men have to put up with the same things from you day in and day out. All the annoying idiosyncrasies about you but while he sits there smiles and thinks things like “I knew what I was getting into when I married this woman and I love her anyway” your bitching about every little thing and calling him unappreciative. Recognize that his silence is not due to your perfect its due to his tolerance. Then learn to be tolerant yourself.

      While these men have a lot of tolerance there will come a day when some hot little slutty girl comes along and hes gonna be like you know what, I put up with that cruel hearted bitch day in and day out that makes me feel like half a man and I want to feel like a man again.

      1. Tom

        I don’t know what Sarah said, but it must have been really dumb to be commented off.

        Sarah-I guess no one cares wants to see what you wrote.

      2. Heidi

        Do you seriously not think, that the “hot-little slutty girl” that comes along, will not turn into the same person that all of you describe your wives as…really..?? But, then ofcourse you probably would not marrry her because not many of you want to actually marry “the little hot slutty girl”. You do (well probably not) realize that it is the relationship “with you” that turns women into this; Just like you want to blame the way the women acts, says and her actions on herself not having “self-esteem”. Give me a break…no, most of the time it is not even a true statement. It is us putting-up with your crap “day in and day out” just like you wrote, that has brought us to the ultimate “I am sick of this ____”.

        We want to be happy and not deal with the “little crap” too. But, exactly what happens is we are left with all the little crap: the water on the counter, the wet towels and on and on. Do you not think that we would not rather be doing other things that yes, we too enjoy and freaking ignore all of the things that “yes” individualy seem like little crap to you; But, over years and years “someone” has to do it and why, why is it always left up to the wives?? Or, we have to ask for help with the stupid little crap repeatedly (even when its been talked about “nice” before) and you guys promise to help, but never keep the promise. Do you not see/understand why resentment builds, dislike builds, distrust and just plain looking at you in a whole different light. Because the truth is when you are first desperately chasing us down, you are “all-over-it” there is no need for asking…it is already done and with a “big old smile on your face”. And, this continues for years and then even with “still getting alon, or being happy I should say) and without nagging (because your still being nice and considerate) a switch is turned and the “ripened married husband comes out”. And, then whatever the cause (I am sure different for each man/each relationship) we are all living in hell.

        I have been married 20 years and I still love my husband. He is a great guy, has a great job and is a great provider. But, I also offer the same….I make great money (just as much as him), he says I am a great person and would not want to not be together. We both have strong personalities and do not put up with crap from one another; We believe we “both” better be treated kind and with respect. We make each other laugh and can have real fun together, still. And, even married 20 years both of us still could get someone else fairly easy and we know this. But, I am here to tell you that even with the still good stuff in our marriage and being a fairly strong couple, this “little crap” has caused us ridiculous heartache and it runs so much deeper than a woman “just being a nag”. It has to do with all of your marital history and what made each one of you, start behaving differently to each other, in the first place. It takes work everyday to keep a marriage going and it sure its not easy. Believe me, we women feel the same way as you. There are days, I have said, ” really Heidi you don’t need this __________”. And, them I bring my self back down to earth and say, “Okay what is really going on here”. Then guess what we work through it, again.

        I, just like other women are not here to waste my time and I want to “enjoy” my life just as much as any men. We just want to be respected just like you. And, oh yeah…”showing” your love is always nice, too. As a group men need to quit being so full of yourselves, in thinking that you are getting rid of “a nag”. If only you knew what most women really are thinking, you would seriously adjust your attitude.

        1. Robert

          Guess What,

          Two or three drops of water on the counter will dry in an hour or less. If we make a big mess, then by all means, call it to our attention and we will gladly correct it for you. Most of us are not out to make your life all about cleaning up after us. But when you rush into the bathroom 5 seconds after we’ve been in there and create a declaration of war over two or three little droplets of water, that’s nothing but ridiculous and you women trying to exercise some form of “control” over us.

          Sometimes we make little messes that we don’t even realize we make. Guess what? You women do too. The only difference is that most men just take the five to ten seconds it takes to clean it up after you and don’t mention it because its not a big deal to us. If we’re in the kitchen late night making a sandwich, occassionally something may fall on the counter that we don’t notice. If its more than just a crumb that can be thrown away in 5 seconds then by all means, feel free to point out our error and most of us will happily take care of it. But when its one little scrap that could be thrown in the trash quicker than it takes you to walk back into the living room and bitch, then what’s the point?

          All of us are human and none of us are perfect. Yes, some of us are slobs and that kind of abuse does not need to be tolerated but there’s no need to be OCD about every little thing either. We all have feelings and its just not worth causing the one you supposedly love anguish over something that is so insignificant. I pick up something my wife has left behind on average once or twice daily. No big deal. I won’t miss that 30 seconds or less out of my lifespan.

          As for the no sex thing. My wife uses the excuse that it makes her feel all “icky” inside. I believe everything involving sex is pretty much water soluble and washes off in just a few minutes. I’ve offered to schedule sex to just before her bath but now she insists that we both have a bath before and after sex. Even if we just took a shower two hours earlier and have done nothing to cause us to be sweaty or undesirable. Funny, she never had this problem when we were dating and on the rare occassion that she lets me pleasure her now, she squirts all over the place but she doesn’t seem to mind how icky that is, as long as its for her pleasure.

          Men are human beings with feelings too. Most of us are not that complex and are pretty easy to please. But this prima donna attitude that some of you women develop just a few short years after marriage is total B.S. I don’t believe that too many of you were forced into marriage at gunpoint but with some of the attitudes you develop, others might think you were.

          Men want respect just like women do. Give us that, feed us, and keep us relatively happy in bed (that doesn’t mean you have to be super slut, just 2 or 3 times a week give us our 10 minute moment of happiness) and most men will worship the ground you walk on. If you’re not willing to do that, then you should have never married in the first place.

          Heck, my wife took up golf lessons so I bought her a new set of inexpensive golf clubs. She liked them at first but within two weeks she said that I was pressuring her into playing golf because I bought those clubs. I took them right over and threw them in the dumpster. We never went hungry or went without due to the money I spent on those golf clubs. She constantly wants to criticize what I spend money on even though the bills are always paid and over a thousand dollars a month goes into savings. But she works and nothing is said at all about what she elects to spend her money on.

          Marriage is about love and mutual respect. It’s not a one way street. One way streets only lead to disaster.

          1. Rachel

            Not to put a damper on this very lively debate, but us women complaining about domestic stuff really just means we don’t have enough good reasons to have the patience to put up with it - you simply do not provide us with enough incentive to be worth the aggravation, and we are thinking “why am I putting up with this shit for HIM?”

            Sorry but that is actually the truth.

          2. stephano

            God did no catergorgrize a Nag and a Quiet spirit in the same passage yes complaining is fruitful, if its done in the right way but most women today are tainted by worldly concepts of their own making or what they are subjected to by secular media platform.And thats not what a Marriage is about on either end

          3. Big Pete

            If it flys,floats or f**cks,rent it!
            That should sum it up pretty much.
            Having a bitch for a wife is the worst possible thing to have in our short visit an this planet.

          4. Maire

            I’m not a nag. Could give too shits if there is a couple droplets of water, or where towels are placed. Although I’m a woman who was raised by a mother that taught me NOT to nag. I’ve never understood why the nagging woman gets proposed too. It will always get worse over time, because that her personality. If you knew that from the beginning why propose?! A lot of women will blame men but a lot of women will never put themselves in her husbands shoes. Women in culture today are raised with the idea that a man won’t do something unless he is nagged. Sad but true. I see it all the time and I always wonder why on earth did he propose?

        2. Wendy Barnes

          Woman to woman, please do not marry a man. You will make him miserable. Water on the counter? Your life must be easy street if you have to get upset about that. Do not have kids either. They are messy and do not listen a lot. That’s why you have to watch them all the time.

    2. rhysbach

      Sarah your clearly a winging modern woman. Never satisfied more concerned about who is buying what and soend your time competing with the neigbours and your family.

      When your comlaining to your fella over and over and over again about some stupid sh*t like splashes by the sink. He will probably be thinking about jumping on your head until it your ears bleed or thinking about some hot smoking piece of a$$ he could have anytime he wants.

      Do yourself a favour. The only time you should open your mouth is to pleasure your fella

      1. Matka

        You’re a dirtbag. And half the men on hear are cry babies. If your mom didnt do the job right to prepare you for love with a real woman and she forgot to teach you men to be self reliant respectable men dont blame the so-called nags in your life please. You’re just clrarly lacking skils which you should havr learned from your momma and daddy(if he was a good man) C’mon I know men and woman half the whole right brain left brain thing going on but what self respecting human being eants to live in a dirty home where toothpaste caps are missing overflowed or water marks are over taking your sing in the bathroom and kitchen. You realize that every thing your woman “nags” about that you dont consider as a request for help is just yet another thing she needs to maintain. So why dont you get your crying baby self off of the “I have a nagging bitch wife” band wagon and put yourself to good use in your everyday life. If you were living alone it’d all be shit you have to do yourself anyway. So dont turn your women into maids then cry when shes barking in your face after years telling you its not only her responsibility. If you want to live like pigs go ahead. And trust me no woman will put up with it thats why you think they’re all the same because they know they are worth more than being treated like a maid/whore(to the idiot who commented a woman should only open her mouth to please her man) This relationship thing goes both ways! If you’re here bitching and complaining about how much your wife asks of you what does that say about you? Are you not showing that you are feeling inadequate? That maybe the respinsibilities that are expected and required from a husband are things are just incapable of giving? Guaranteed there are plenty of happy men out there because they ensure that their duties as a husband are met and no it doesnt only include going to work and coming home got you dumb ass cave men who haven’t got a clue. You have to work hard everyday to give to your partner on both ends so that each one of you remains happy.

        1. Bo Jimbo

          Lol. Whiny, biitchy, nagging fat pig. And trust everyone here. …….. you are.

          Ironic, no..? You are on this thread about that type of worthless cow… and YOU ARE BEING EXACTLY THAT….

          1. tj

            Bo Jimbo, Your vocabulary and clearly your mental comprehension of what Marka said is clearly lacking. You don’t have the sense, smarts or emotional capacity to even begin to understand that these women just want their efforts, work, time to be respected. They know they will have to clean again. Their issue is that you’re acting like a pig. Someone is coming in and destroying their work. Perhaps if you and others of your ilk weren’t such selfish Neanderthals she wouldn’t be bitching ( as you put it) at you all the time. She doesnt come in and wreck your office, don’t do it with hers. Btw your vocabulary says a lot about you. None of it good. Maybe a little self analysis would be beneficial. Try google for definition if that’s over your head. Try putting a toilet seat down and being a little braver than ranting on a post where no one can see you sitting in your raggedy ass wife beater with a beer in your hand. Yup, I know, you man, she women…get a grip fella. You’re the definition of lo brow.

    3. Pus-y Alex

      We talk about the “bitches” - not the good ones Sarah!!
      Nobody said there are all the same but too much bitches in this world!

      1. Wendy Barnes

        And you guys marry them and then complain. No different from a woman marrying a guy who is not faithful, drinks, etc., and then complaining about it forever.

        1. Common Sense


          99% of women pull a bait and switch. They act extremely nice, smother you with sex. Right after marriage they turn into a completely different person. Rude, unappreciative, no sex, complain constantly. Act nice again to have children then go right back to bitch land and threaten to take your kids and money away in a divorce in a system stacked against men.

          Singel men - never, ever, get married. Today’s women hate men and we are nothing but walking, talking, ATMs to them.

      1. Diesel

        I just found this page to read and laugh a little about how our wifes annoy us… and about 10 comments down I realized that it’s become an argument when the ladies joined in. All I wanted to do was to laugh a little.. and CALM THE HECK down… now I’m even more irate….. going to the bar… it’s enough that my wife drives me to smoke and drink now these women are too.

        and by drinking, ladies, I mean a beer in the garage, cigarette in my hand… trying for that 5-10 mins of complete silence… Please do not open the door to the garage and pretend to need something in the garage, while we are taking our self prescribed “timeout”. We are trying to calm down… so please just use that great “silent game” skills that you have and do so. It’s better for your relationship if just once in a while… you all just learn to bite it… and shut the hell up… believe it or not.. it sound like most of these men here are trying to do the same thing as me… escape for just a moment… .. and after reading these women chime in…. I’m seriously looking at this moment at “Divorce Attorneys” on another page of this internet browser… Thanks Ladies… soon you will have another one to add to your “Proud and Divorced Page”.

    4. Pissed

      It’s not that a guy does thing annoying too. It’s that f**king broads like u go out of ur way to whine and complain about every tucking thing in the universe and won’t let go of it. Like a dog with a bone. We do the dishes u say nothing. We don’t do a dish u complain. Us guys aren’t there just to b a vent for ur frustration. U need to vent play with urself in the f***ing shower

    5. Cody

      Even when we do right men still get bitched at jus for the hell of it. If y’all really wanna be equal women take the legal responsibility of a man. Sign up for the draft put ur 40 hrs a week in of not more. Be a primary provider for the family not just an optional income. Be held to a standard. Responsible for everything in the household BC Lord knows if it breaks your gonna have to hear the bitchin

  8. BigGameJ

    I can relate to much of what the guys here are going thru. My wife use to be awesome. She was one of the cool gals who could hang with the guys, dish out the verbal jokes, and also take them. It seems like over the last year since she turned 40, she has become more irritable and miserable. She bitches about the dishes in the sink, dishes in the dishwasher, dishes not put away, dishes poorly washed. She bitches about my teenage twin sons sleeping in, about them sitting around the house all day, about them staying out all night, about them not going out with their friends, about them having their friends over to the house (without permission), their loud music, their TV shows, etc…. She wants a new car, she doesn’t want a car payment. We go out to the restaurant of her choice and she bitches about the service, the food, the prices, etc…. I just want to scream at her to STFU!!!! Sex? I get to have all of the sex I want as long as I don’t ask her, bother her, wake her or touch her. My wife works part-time, but you’d think she works 60 hrs a week based on all of the drama. God forbid I leave that plastic cup in the sink. I think she is not fulfilled with her career and that impacts how she feels and behaves. I still love my wife, but I can understand why there are dating services that cater to married men!

    1. Wendy Barnes

      Straighten your lazy boys up so they can become men, not parent-dependent basement dwellers. Maybe she will have some respect for you, wussy dad!

        1. Ricardo

          Wendy, respect will come when men find out that women need man more that the other side…and start to put nag bitches in their place..its easy. 😀

  9. Jak

    What I’d like to know is when it is actually o.k. to ‘complain’ or point something out that is irritating or just wrong? I started out in my marriage consciously trying not to complain and instead trying to be being extremely understanding. After two years of that not working, I regressed to constant complaining (after our baby was born). That, of course, didn’t work either and now I just complain about things sporadically, mostly when I am ultra irritated and when my buttons are pushed. I am not unhappy with myself as a person, but I am unhappy with where my life is right now regarding my marriage.

    So when is it ok to ‘complain’? How far do we let things go after they’ve been addressed constantly and still no change has occurred? For instance, my husband had borrowed my father’s SUV for four months to get back and forth to work. My father was glad to lend him the vehicle even though he knew my husband worked far away (an hour’s drive each way) and my father would have to borrow or rent a vehicle to use when he got his contracting jobs. But, my husband didn’t use it for just work, he ended up using it to go even farther away once a week to audit a class at a university — a class that had nothing to do with his job, or career advancement in any way, for pure pleasure. And when he was done with the vehicle he just left it in the backyard — he didn’t clean his things out, he didn’t clean the vehicle itself, he didn’t get the oil changed or change the tires, nothing. I had to clean the SUV out so my father could drive it to the mechanic at get it maintenanced. Mind you, I had asked my husband nicely to do those things before he gave it back. I did not complain about it until months later when my husband asked me to ask my father to borrow my father’s leisure vehicle for my husband to go back and forth to work. My husband got mad at me for complaining about trivial things. Later, my husband got mad at me for complaining about him buying a two-seater sports coupe after her wrecked the family car. We are a family of four and we had an infant at the time.

    These are just a few examples of the quadrillion things that there are to complain about when it comes to my husband and his lack of consideration for others. But, I complain less now, like I said before only usually when things boil over. Right now my bedroom is a sty. His clothes (dirty and clean) are all over the floor, chair, chest, etc. He constantly leaves dirty dishes and cups in the bedroom and papers, books, materials from work and anything else you can think of all over the place. I had stopped asking him to clean up after himself and I have stopped complaining about these things. I’ve just let it be and now I can’t stand to be in my own room because it is so filthy and it reeks. I, more often than not, sleep in my youngest child’s room.

    Honestly, for all of you guys who are complaining about your wives complaining, I’d like to know what you think I should do here. I do not disagree that I am miserable and unhappy. I do disagree that I am miserable and unhappy about myself. I do not like to complain, as that just makes me more miserable and unhappy. We have had endless conversations, we tried counseling (but he was not invested in it because he doesn’t think there is a problem), and nothing has worked. I believe he is of like mind with the men who have posted here — he thinks I am unhappy with myself when I am in fact unhappy with him.

    1. James D

      Sorry but your husband is a user and and T bag -
      Your father should let him know that’s he’s not welcomee
      to borrow anything. He’s self centered, disrespectful
      and a user by the sounds of it.

      1. Concerned

        Divorce that a-hole. Yes, nagging women are the most annoying thing in the world and that is why I began reading these comments. But your husband needs to get his priorities straight. A two-seater sportscar?? WTF. See… there are a few women out there that respect their men and don’t nag… but they are all tied to user losers. Likewise, the men who sit through day after day of constant belittling and verbal abuse, well, they picked the wrong woman.

    2. David Shinn

      You ask “what you think I should do here?”
      The truth is, short of building a time machine and travelling back to tell your younger self not to marry this individual, there is little you can do. And if you did manage to build a time machine, I can guarantee that your younger self would not listen or take advice from anyone who tried to convince you that you should make a more considered choice of marriage partner. Parents/friends - I bet nobody could have successfully asked you to change your mind and get to know your future husband better before committing your life to him.
      The time to avoid all these heartaches and frustrations is in the beginning. Starting from here is too late.
      You picked him I’m afraid.

  10. Andrew

    Jak, my suggestion to you is that you either leave the guy or learn to pick your battles. There is only so long that anyone no matter (how good or bad they are) will put up with someone constantly complaining about them. You hate the relationship because your unhappy and it makes him hate it because you appear to hate everything about him. Its not realistic for him to go snap his fingers and be another person. So you have to think about it like this. He puts up with you as well, I’m sure he feels like you complain a lot among many other faults that ALL humans have. Neither of you are perfect, you are putting up with eachother. You are in this to work through things together and a big part of that is being patient and loving about eachothers faults. Part of that patience I think is knowing you can only attack so many things at once about someone. You can recognize someone who loves you by if you ask them to change a small thing here or there and they do it or try hard to do it even if they dont nail it the first time (patience again). But if you barrage any person with all their faults and things you think are wrong with them, they just think “well screw you too, you think you are perfect?” and thats whether they say as much to you or not, usually the passive ones dont. A lot of times relationships end up with one person being dominant, they complain harder and longer and then the passive one ends up feeling bad about themselves, unmotivated to change and slowly starts to resent all the little things about the dominator too, feeling like they are walking on eggshells all the time to keep you happy finally they snap one day and stop caring about what you like and dislike then it goes downhill. You gotta find a way to come to terms with them, negotiate change.

  11. Julia

    Some people, men or women are just very NEGATIVE COMPLAINERS. I actually have a friend who complains all the time. So annoying that I spend minimum time with her. It’s really sad that some of the men here think the solution is to just leave their wives for some “young slutty girls”. Then what? I read somewhere the biggest form of love is the highest tolerance. Both parties need to COMMUNICATE, RESPECT & LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I think after years, we forget why we got married. We need to keep the romance alive, too.

    1. Harvey

      My wife is a complainer and no amount of respect, communication or Love can solve that.
      Its just about impossible to talk to her as she would rather listen to herself talk. Then she is able to whip herself up into a frenzy without any help from me and the fists start flying. For example yesterday she did something that still has me stunned. She woke me up at 5 in the morning with “I HATE YOU” and when I asked her what I had done she began to punch and scratch me. The only way to avoid any more hits was to get up and leave the bedroom as quickly as I could. Not fully awake and completely confused I began cleaning the house to help calm me down. Not till she actually got up about 4 hours later that I asked her why she did that. She Said “I had a dream that you did something.” and no she didn’t tell me what I did in this dream. Now this isn’t the first time she has hit me, but this is the first time she did it without me even having to be conscious to do something that made her mad. If your wondering if I made some kind of smart-ass remark or I’m leaving something out, I’m not. I’ve learned over the last 10 years it only makes her worse.
      We have a 2 year old son who I love to death, and I travel 2 weeks every month for work. How do you leave someone like that, keep your son, and keep your job.

  12. WifeVictim

    I’m glad most of u guys are luck enough to spent some time in office. My problems (read wife) follows me there. 🙁

    1. Chris

      Booooo! How about women stop complaning and become more tolerable like us men and promote some peace, so we can ALL enjoy life. F***ing relax, take a deep breathe and smell the roses. Try being a friend instead of a Mother/Correctional officer and reap the rewards of a companionship!

      1. Chris

        It’s like woment have some F***ing magic book that about how a relationship is suppose to be that no one else has read…..LIGHTEN UP!

    2. rhysbach

      Cindy shut up, beware one day you will come a f*cropper. Your prob one of the women with SJP syndrome (Sarah Jessica Parker)

      F*cking modern women crap.

  13. kt sydney

    YOU Wont to know what loyalty is, have been togeather over 28 years have looked after her when she was sick have walked through flood to get to her would come home from work to find her throwing all the food out think some one had poisoned her i would go to the hospital and stay when any of the kids were sick be up a 3am holding them in a shower would go to work why she would sleep.

    would buy not a thing why she would spend on any thing and ever thing even when we had
    no money she would smoke in the home even know the kids had asthma yes some how we had 3 kids even know the sex was only when she was ready i always thought she changed after we had a 1st child

    but this is not the case even when we first meet she did complain and smashed a watch i had i can not even put a spoon on the side of the sink after making a coffe i worked so hard if i was to list all the things i have done and i the compaints this would never end so you see i not bitching i an just tied

    so my kids are now 18 22 and 23 and my eldest has just had her third child and she is much like her mother in ways

    but the man she was was with was a drinker so he has left so i find myself helping her

    and the grand kids

    iam 45 and i would like to come home and have some one show me a kind word not turn on me because i forgot something like to pick up a sock

    so i am now asking do i stay to help all over agin or is it my turn to find love

    as men we dont say it but we do to have a heart i have asked her to get help but she wont

    i dont drink or smoke i work hard and now i am 45 the possibilty of being alone

    so i say to you guys if you have tried all maybe you can not wait and to the ladys out there try asking us to pick up that scock with out a 2nd remark because when we leave it not always about going to get
    a younger chick

    i can only say i wish i had a kind word for me and life is short we have to find peace and joy

    i hope this helps.

  14. Henry

    My first wife used to nag like holy f**k. Nothing I did was ever any good for her. So one day I told her it was over and left. She hit the roof. How dare I! Well tough shit. I felt free without her. My first wife? Two years to the day I left her she committed suicide. I guess she was the fuck up, not me.

    Now I am married to my second wife and she has started the same shit with me. You are going to put ME down? After the way I have supported everything you do emotionally? When that baby comes out of you in a couple of months, that’s when I will be leaving. Bring the child up on your own, maybe it will teach you to treat your man with dignity and respect.

    If a woman does not treat you right, and makes your life miserable with nagging, then its time to move on. The hell with the kids too. If she nags all the time they will disrespect you too, so forget them and let her do the work of bringing them up.

    Women: There are more of you.
    Men: move on if they nag.

    1. rhysbach

      Dude, your comments are f**king stupid, Your clearly a moran.

      You will never be a MAN because no MAN would say to hell with his kids. Grow up become a HUNTER like the rest of us.

    2. Heidi

      Wow. Your really are a “loser”. And, your response “big-time” proves it. Let me guess, you don’t have a job; You can’t support kids, anyway. And, your father was the same way. You also sound like a “gang-banger” or you’ve been in prison (probably more than once).

      Because, guess what even these other guys that just do not “pick-up” after themselves or “clean-up” whatever…are atleast “man-enough” to take of their own children! If you do not like, or want kids don’t _____ some women (in this case your wife) or just do not get her pregnant; That is called being an adult…condoms, have you heard of them?

      Your anger issues came through loud and clear in your response; Scary, because this is “your wife”…”you” married and you care for her so little (notice, I did not even say love) that you actually state, “when that baby comes out of you” showing totally detachment and instability. I think “your wife” needs to be fearful of her well-being and “her” childs and seriously get the hell away from you.

    3. Rachel

      I can assure you that leaving her to bring a child up on her own will not “teach her to respect men” - in fact, you don’t sound like you deserve any respect anyway.

    4. Dan

      Your not a man, your nothing but a coward. So much I want to say, but falling on dumb ears,, there’s and old saying around here where I live in England “you’ve got to have b*****ks to have children” , ” not just a pair of nuts”.

    5. Ricardo

      Henry, not an wise choose of words, but i think i get you.. she will turn the kid against you, for sure, but never leave your son, he is not guilty of his mother stupidity.

  15. Brett

    My wife is minute by minute. One minute I know why I married her, the next minute I wonder why she agreed to marry me. She burned her hand with a glue gun and I have tried to help her and all she has done is bitch at me, like it was my mf fault.
    Then when I snap back at her, she asks why am I mad at her. I think she wants out but is afraid to leave.

  16. Jaime

    My wife is not happy unless she is unhappy. I now go to work on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) just to get away. Sad but I find my office significantly more peaceful than my own house.

    1. Max

      “My wife is not happy unless she is unhappy.” This. This right here. How trapped do we feel.

      There is no one you can control other than yourself.

  17. Jon

    My wife really did not complain much until we had 4 kids. I have not been able to do anything right for 32 years now. If she would complain about the real screw ups, God knows I make them, I would understand. If find myself agreeing with every complaint so the kids would have a decent childhood. They do not live here anymore so I began to stick up for myself. We are in a living hell now. When I argue with her she gets violent, so I back off. I need out of this. She needs to stop or I am gone. I need some time to build up the guts to go. I am not perfect, but I do not think I am as bad as she is making me out to be. If I am that bad then she deserves someone better. Someone who can make her happy. If it is possible.

  18. Tom

    If you are unhappy then get a divorce. You have one life. It sounds like you are upset with the way your life is going, but you do not have the strength to change it.

  19. L

    My husband is currently unemployed. If he were working he’d be doing the same thing. He calls me at work and complains about this or that. He calls me while I’m at work as if I can do something about the person that just sped up our road spinning our rocks out into the highway. Really? He complains or gripes about something every single day. It’s really getting old. He fusses at me for fussing back at him. WTH?

  20. rhysbach

    Know you role.

    I know mine as the MAN, I have to provide and protect my family make the feel safe. I make sure the bills are paid food is on the table and they want for nothing, nothing !.

    I live for my family without them I am nothing, my purpose in life is to make sure my children and my wife are happy.

    Even though she winges I still try, we have talks when she goes to far.

    I hate this modern woman crap that seem to be out there SJP syndrome (sex and the city)

    Whats wrong with traditional roles that give equal respect, I think it provides a much more stable upbrining for the kids.

    And if a job nees doing just fu*king do it its gotta be done stop complaining. get on with it it will be done that much quicker and you can enjoy the rest of your day.

    If someone has done something to chip you off then tell them, and why. They wont do it again or at least they will try not too. And if they dont make that effort they clearly dont give a damn so tell em to jog on.

    I do however think women are defo more geared to complain than men .

    Most MEN are do-ers.
    Women not so much

    1. Erin

      I am a female and agree with every comment except the last. I have been independent and capable of self-support all of my life. I found that “doing” was much easier, and less time-consuming, than asking or nagging my husband to do something. The only times I asked for help was if something was too heavy to handle alone, or if we had a large home gathering in the home and I needed assistance. My husband was the same.

      If more couples would learn to act independently in the marriage, there would be total bliss. Most naggers, complainers, whiners, have problems from “within,” have little self-esteem or self-respect, and have a false sense of “security” by making others suffer or miserable. This is a short term fix to a long term problem used by the nagger, complainer, whiner.

      Until a person is “happy from within,” there will always be discord and suffering.

      Just do it and stop expecting others to perform any task on “your” schedule, rather considering his or her schedule and disposition at the time. After all, our minutes and hours of each day must be filled with something; why not keep it filled with productive and positive action.

      Just sayin…..

  21. Chris-uk

    Just read everything written in this thread, thinking I am one of these guys, wife is just simply mental!
    Married a year and a half, got a 2.5 year old little angel, girl, and a very unhappy marriage!
    I provide, home,bills,needs and most wants. I have a lot of close family about and good friends that can keep me busy, and two shop that I can always give 100% to if required! My wife however is by choice a stay at home mum who has a very broken family at distance, a first degree in some form of youth development, studying her masters, creating a new website and development with sponsorship for this new found love for alternative parenting, that she pulled from a book…
    I just am at a loss…
    I can give 100% to my business to provide to keep the world spinning, she can give me 5% to keep me fed, yet she can give 95% to everything else that makes her world turn…
    I walk I’m the door, all I want is how was your day, and a peck on the cheek, maybe would you like a cupa??
    No, I’m late,forgot something,someone in my family offended her,she did something wrong and it is my fault, our daughter is tiring her out in her oh so busy day….
    I don’t even know how it got so messed up…
    I am thinking of walking away… It seems like I am falling out of love, through the fact that every other woman seems 10x nicer by comparison, every other ass seems sweeter… It’s not that she is getting fat, like her grim mother, it’s just the fact that its hard to want to stick it in a dragon, and when u have to ask to do it, just seems mental… Sex should be regular, it keeps a man sain… Self pleasure just eventually depresses you when u know there are 21 year olds who you could be doing if u just went to your wardrobe and got out a shirt n trousers n hit the bars….
    Life is short, but there is no reason y it shouldn’t be sweet. I want to know if it is really me who is causing my wife to be a nagging unhappy bit,ch, or if I am perfectly sain and should just get the f put before I go grey and can’t hope but to pay for it with borrowed money…??

    Ps there are 1000,000 things I could say as examples of her mental annoying nagging, and her bad habits etc, but a, their noting and b, I am a bloke so I generally forget the details of boring sh1t by the next day..
    And I do prey I am not mental myself

  22. DTylr

    I wake up at 4:45 and go to work only to come home as late as 11:30pm or 12am. I hardly spend any money on myself (except for food and drink when I’m damn near about to pass out from exhaustion at work). This woman nags me about almost every damn dime I spend when I do spend it. I bought a coat for 10 dollars and she acted like I’m keeping her from achieving her financial goals. I fuckn kill myself everyday for my family and get questioned over a damn 10 dollar coat. WTF!!! She talks to me like sh!t in front of her child and then acts like its my fault the child has no respect for me. I’m tryting to keep my family but god damn!

  23. Tuesday

    My husband never picked up after himself. He left wiskers in the sink. He left his laundry on the bathroom floor. He never hung up his towel to dry, always left it in the bedroom carpet or on the bed. He never took the trash out without being reminded. He did not mow the lawn until it was two feet tall. He never checked the oil in the cars.
    I never bothered to try to get him to help with housework. I only asked that he pick up after himself, take out the trash, mow the yard, and maintain the cars.
    I did not ask to be his mother and was certaintly not going to put up with him insulting me with his childisn behavior.
    I came home one day and he was gone, gone for good, and I was glad. I bet he picks up after himself now….
    Don’t be a manchild, women have enough to do. We don’t want to teach you how to live in a house. We do not mind telling you once, but get with it already.

    1. snakebite

      tuesday…i do all those things ur complaining about and more. But when u clean house and no matter ur wife complains. She actually complained that the house smelled TOO CLEAN … Even her family doesnt like to come visit us anymore because how she treats me. HER OWN FAMILY. I pick up, clean, help in all areas possible and still she finds something to complain about. What will be ur excuse for my wife’s behavior?

  24. David AHA!!!!

    Tuesday all the things you mentioned are not wort loseing a loved one over .”Don’t be a manchild, women have enough to do. We don’t want to teach you how to live in a house. We do not mind telling you once, but get with it already.” I really love your defiant attitude . I can do all the things you mention but I am not perfect and that I am sure you would find a whole new set of problems with a guy like me . I wish you only the best and I am sure it is not me . just sayin

  25. I'm Coming Back a Snail

    Tuesday, you’re a riot! This is a site where a man wants to gripe with other men and you just have to put your two cents in! You can be total c*nt to your husband and you’ll still get everything in court, so shut up and go to the trillion sites there are for women and their feminist crap. My wife is the queen bitch of the universe. The only time she would talk to me these past few months was if I needed to do more chores even though she doesn’t so squat. I cook, I clean, take the kids to school, etc. She could have the sniffles and keep her fat a$$ in bed for a week. I could be dying of cancer and she’ll still make me cook and take out the rubbish. If there is reincarnation then I’m coming back a snail: free lodging, procreate through masturbating. Better than this crap.

  26. luisa

    well maybe we complain and we don’t really realize that we complain that much, maybe is we could only have more sex, sex keep you happy so you don’t complain

  27. Elizabeth

    Unfortunately I know too many people who are married to spouses who nag, criticize, complain, and generally make life an unpleasant, difficult day-to-day existence. I can only wonder — why? Why do you stay married to a person who make each day of this short time on earth unpleasant? I wonder how many people who were married to people they didn’t really like, think on their death beds … I was so happy to stay in that marriage?

  28. John

    Well I am not married, but I am engaged, my girlfriend can be great and loving at times and I really know why I love her. But she can go through phases where she will nag me about everything I do. For example I will be doing the laundry, and she will come over and say “what are you doing?!”, I will be like “I am doing the laundry, you said I am good at doing it now”, she will tell me I am doing it wrong and say she does not want me to clean her clothes and then storm off. ( She has only done the laundry like 4-5 times in the the last 2 years, I do most the chores.)

    She will throw my clothes on the floor and then nag me about having clothes on the floor. She will cook for me once in a while, ( maybe 5-6 times in the 2 years we have been living together) and she will nag that she spends her time having to cook for me.

    I do the dishes, clean the floors, laundry, iron her cloths for work, take her on vacations, go on dates, compliment her, hold her hand, write her poems, kiss her in public, etc… But everything I do is not good enough. She will see a romantic movie and see them kissing, and say why don’t you do that. I am do not understand what she is talking about, we have done many romantic things and kisses, but I guess reality is not good enough for her.

    I take care of my body, I workout, I make more money than her. She nags that other women look at me, I pretend that I do not notice. She does not workout much, she has been gaining weight, and she must feel insecure. If we are watching a movie and a sexy women comes on screen she nags that I was looking at the women. If we are in public and a women comes in our view, she accuses me of looking at her ass, even if I was not looking. She says “I am watching you!”, so I basically have to look away or at the ground if any other women comes into my vision.

    I feel like I am outgrowing her, and she is pushing me away with her nagging and not taking care of her body or own issues and being immature.

    Note: she is used to living with her mother who would cook, clean, do laundry etc.. and treat her like a child princess.

    I am at my limit of this, if this is what is it is like when we are married I do not look forward to it at all. I want to work things out, but I am also thinking about moving on.

    1. Jim

      Right away, I see Red Flags everywhere… She is complaining for the sake of complaining because she WANTS to find fault in everything you do.

      She’s a Bitch. Leave Her NOW. Find another girl who does not complain or nag you. If a woman LOVES you she will NEVER complain or nag you.

      Once the nagging starts, she has fallen out of love with you and wants to be free so set her free. There are PLENTY of women out there that don’t nag and bitch. Find one and marry her instead.

      Most women would be HAPPY that their man is at least doing the laundry. How dare she even think to complain about the WAY you do it. If she’s not happy with the way it’s done why isn’t SHE doing the laundry as she should be?

    2. Chris

      Move on. It will only get worse if you get married. A woman who demands that she be treated like a princess will end up being selfish and nit picky. You will not be able to please her or keep up with her demands.

    3. Don

      Bro! That sound like my wife. I do everything I work full time and she is at home all do doing god knows what I get home and the sink is full of dirty dishes I clean the bathroom and toilet I clean up after her dog and take him for walks cos she is to lazy but she still wants another puppy. I take out the trash and bring the bins in she never does I always pay for everything when we go out for dinner or go shopping i work out and stay in shape. But she just keeps bitching. It’s like it’s ok for her do make I mess but if I leave one thing out of place she loses her shit and by one thing I mean like I might forget to wash a glass after a glass of water yet she can fill the sink of dishes and leave them. She tells me that I need to work out more and that she doesn’t find me attractive because I’m getting to skinny. This is because I eat healthy and work out and run a lot while she is gaining wieght her whole family is obese and she is heading in that direction yet she still tells me to get in shape but if I said anything like that to her she would chop my head off. She just constantly bitches I always feel like I’m walking on thin ice around her.

  29. Jim

    I have no idea why all you men put up with this bullshit from your wives. My wife would never dare speak to me or nag me the way many of you have described here. She never bitches or nags me at all. In my house, I have the freedom to do whatever I like and she leaves me alone when I want to be left alone. My wife and I have great sex, she appreciates me and loves me and is scared to loose me in her life.

    When women complain or nag, it’s because they have grown tired of you. Nagging is a woman’s way of pushing you away from her. She Wants to be free from you so do her the favor and divorce her nagging worthless ass and let her survive on her own without you. If necessary, save up $20K in cash pack your bags and disappear in the night to the other side of the country and start over, Good luck to her finding you if you do it right.

    When I got married 9 years ago, (we’ve been together 11 years total, lived together for 2 years before we got married to test the waters) I made sure I selected a woman who would always know that I am in charge. My wife is passive, she will not stand up for herself so that guarantees that I am in charge. Never ever marry one of these modern smart ass women who think they run the world. I would never even screw one of them because their attitude makes me sick. My wife is nice looking but she’s not beautiful because a beautiful woman is always going to think she is too good for you.

    Also, my wife is 10 years younger than I am so there is no question who is in charge and who is the older, wiser one. I run the show.

    I can tell you right now that if my wife of 9 years even began to talk to me the way some of you described with all the nagging and bitching I would squash that shit in less than 1 second and make it clear that such comments and nagging will never be acceptable. I’ve never had to do this however because my wife is not a complaining bitch.

    You have to select your wife carefully then everything will be fine. When you first begin dating, notice if she finds fault in little things or complains about little things you do. If you notice this behavior dump her as fast as you can and find another woman because this will only get worse as time goes on. Many women in America are raised to be complainers by their mothers. There is an entire generation of young women who are total bitches to men.

  30. me

    The only reason I put up with it is for my kids. If I left, the courts routinely grant custody to mom-as a matter of course-and then I will end up liking my kids less because she’ll make them more and more like her-while turning them against me for leaving her. And of course, I’ll be paying her to turn the kids against me. Then my daughter will grow up, and start the cycle all over again with someone else.

    To complaining wives: I know you have a hard day working. The entire world does. Everyone works their asses off every day just to stay alive. That’s the way it works for middle class America now. It’s not just you, it’s everyone. How about I start complaining that you don’t lift a finger to help me with my work?

    I turn off my wife’s closet light every day, close cabinets every time she leaves them open, which is constantly, make dinner most nights for her, go back to sleep after her she wakes me up, etc etc Never say a word, she never notices or thanks me. She complains if I do something, and complains if I don’t. If I do the dishes, she takes them out of the dishwasher to re-arrange them how she wants.

    18 years and out. I stay only for my children.

    1. Cat

      You sound like me. I have to close the cabinets after my husband. Really!? How hard is it to close a damn cabinet door? TV left on, lid left up, clothes on the floor…I could forget everything if he would just wrap his arms around me and hold me once in a while. 12 years in and I don’t think I can last another 6. It’s all about him. The only time he paid attention to me was when I was about to leave. That only lasted about 6 months, then it went back to him. I love him, and try to give him what he wants, but it is never good enough. I even made out with another girl for him. All I want is to be held. Is that too much to ask for? I love him, but just not in love with him anymore because I feel like I am here to just provide services for him.

  31. Fred

    I feel like I live my life stuck in two movies. How to loose a guy in ten days. All the annoying shit she does like it’s planned and lined up perfect like a domino effect. The other is 50 first dates. The bitch forgets everything important and we argue about the same shit over and over. I ask if we can get a month worth of arguing in one night since its the same thing. I need an automated response recorder to engage her in her one sided fights. I love when we talk about one issue and she throws a complete irelavant issue out in the middle of the arguing, like she sees I’m making a point and she’s wrong so let’s shoot across the world to another out there problem that has nothing at all to do with our original argument. But in the end I’m always to blame and she’s the victim. She drives me crazy!!!!!

  32. Evie

    I did that when I was married. I was not happy. So many things were wrong in my marriage. I was insecure and so was he. I lost respect for him. It got to a point where I distinctly remember thinking either he’s going to cheat or I am. I was raised to stick a marriage out for better or worse. What happens when neither of us is emotionally secure to handle the worse? I resigned myself to being stuck and so did he until he cheated. For me it was an eye opening experience. I realized that the act of cheating itself is a symptom of a diseased marriage. I could have hung on and waited it out for my children. That’s what my mother did. I watched my parents fight all the time. I saw how they treated each other. My mother was a control freak and my father was passive. I loved my father dearly but I ended up marrying someone similar. When I made these connections I knew I wanted better for my kids and ended the marriage. The emotional well being surpassed my fear of living alone. I know exactly what I did wrong in my marriage and what I could have done better, done differently however you can’t change your partner. Whatever emotional baggage they carried into the marriage will remain there until they do something about it. I have never been happier, more free and more open and secure as a person as I am now. I’m happy and it shows in my relationships. It has had a positive impact on my kids to see a happy mom and perhaps a happy dad (since I don’t know the intimate details of his life). I realize not many people will agree that this is best for my kids but I know it’s best. Their emotional well being is everything to me. My ex-husband could not “make” me happy. I had to do that for myself and realize this only after my marriage ended. I can’t speak for all women who nag and complain on such a regular basis. All I know is why I was one in my relationship.

  33. Alex white

    I know there is a problem same as above mentioned by many men but is there any solution apart from separation ?

    1. Cat

      I don’t know. I have tried talking and so has he. However, the talks usually end up being over the same things. Nothing ever seems to get solved. It goes away for a while, until one of us gets fed up and says something then here we go again. I tried to talk him into going to marraige counseling, but he won’t. I know I’m not perfect and he admits that he is not either. I want to grow old together, but I just don’t know what to do. If you find a solution let me know.

    2. John

      Call her out on every mistake she makes; nobody’s perfect so when she does mess up and she will, make a big deal out of it. Then after she gets annoyed with your complaints, explain to her that this is how she makes you feel. It’s not bad that women complain because it helps to motivate us men to do better but when it comes to little things, it’s time to draw the line. If you’re in a new relationship, the best thing to do is nip this behavior in the bud; as soon as she starts, ask her why she feels the need to point our every flaw and whether or not she wants to be treated the same.

  34. DK

    I find it ironic that there are so many bitches and complaints about others bitching and complaining.. All of you need to grow up.

    *Jim, you aren’t a man, your a disgrace to all men. You must have a small penis to be so ill and disrespectful to women.

  35. Indy

    Well it’s another day. I wake up in great spirits. Afterall I’m taking off work today to make it a long holiday weekend. I’ve been looking forward to the time off and some stress relief from the daily grind. Saw the kids off to school, fixed a cup of coffee and enjoyed seeing the sun rising in the sky. I’ve got some catching up to do around the house but no big deal. A technician will drop by later to fix the fridge. Need to mow, trim, and hope to get the oil changed and perhaps take in a movie with the wife. Its a blessing that we live in a house that we can afford to take care of, we have our health, my wife and I both have jobs, kids are doing great in school. Its a day to reflect on my blessings. Hmmmmm I’m hearing something, it sounds familiar. Damn! I think dropping my head. Well it was nice while it lasted, about 72 minutes of bliss. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Its my wife, my partner in life, my friend, the mother of my kids, my lover……..yes its my wife, but the rest is my fantasy. She rips into the fridge and starts cleaning it out. Stomp, stomp, stomp…..she moves around the kitchen on a mission of focus and intensity. I know better but I anyway, “Getting ready for the tech”. Along come the string of comments from her, “Need to bla, bla,….I’ve got to bla, bla, then I need to bla, bla…. I feel the all too common adrenaline wave hit me knowing how the rest of the day will turn out. I take a deep breath and begin to help. She says in escalating, rude, condenscending tone ” Don’t place that there, not there, I want to bla, bla, followed by the all too familiar, ” you don’t listen”. WTF! I think, where did that come from. She’s complaining she hasn’t even cleaned up but needs to get this done. I offer to take over so she can have time for herself. Afterall, I’ve dealt with the fridge before. Again, I should have know better. This sets her off. She starts her rant about me, me, me. She loves to blame me for her insecurities. I back off not wanting to get into it for I know I could easily start my verbal assault if pushed much further. I walk away saying “your welcome, glad I could help”.

    Well the path is set for the day, most likely for the holiday weekend. I’ll put on my happy face for the kids, and engage with the wife only as needed. The dailey arguments over trivial issues will continue, I have no doubt. This has been going on for more than 17 years. We talk, I hope, things are better for a week then the daily storm returns. It’s getting worse now that her menopause is starting in.

    Yep, I feel alone and sorry for myself but working a plan keeps my sanity. The plan is as follows:
    1. Never bring your loved ones into your feelings. Keep smiling. Work covertly.
    2. Try to keep your temper in check, verbal assaults feel good but walk away after a short bout to make a point. Else it is all noise.
    3. Figure out the best time to have the most important fact of life discussion with your kids. No not about sex, its about liking the parents of their future spouse. If they don’t like the parents then they will likely not get along with their future spouse. Everyone forgets this most important assessment of your future spouse. Do you like the parents? For me, my wife is now a carbon copy of her mom. Who is the most insecure queen bitch on the planet. Her dad is a mouse. What a combo!
    4. Work out, stay fit, maximize your attaction. Don’t fall into the trap of looking “married”, Be ready to jump ship when the time is right. For me, I have about 4 years to go but you never know what might happen.
    5. If the right woman come along before the 4 years is up, be ready to accept the stress and have your ducks in a row. Don’t let it make life worse.
    6. While working your plan, always protect your family from the drama.
    7. Enjoy making a woman feel like a woman. Seek a woman that will enjoy my attentions and is secure with herself.
    8. Likewise, seek a woman that gets it. That is to say they know what makes a man tick and enjoys making a man feel like a man.

    Any other good “plan” ideas out there?

    Well I feel better now. Thanks for listening LOL.


    1. jonas

      Your #3 is the most critical point and the one i wish I had understood. My FIL is an awesome man, classy guy, but how he has put up with my MIL is beyond me. I realize now that I am him.

    2. Max

      Indy, thanks for a great little story and comment. Just wanted to point out a couple facts. 1) People change. You, me, our wives, anyone. Living is changing, so no matter how much you “check it” before getting married, nothing can assure you that your wife is not going to become an angry evil b…. at some point. Sad but true. Not to run away from the idea of marriage, but to be ready. 2) You forgot the spiritual part, which is in my opinion the most important one. Nothing would tell me more than my wife loves me than she praying for the whole family (mind you, this is not my situation by any means). 3) Roles. Gender roles. It’s so important than they are clear from the beginning. Still, see point 1), people change, so she may decide to change her mind on her role too.

      I also have a tip, and I think is an important one: mind how she treats her parents and siblings, and how they treat her back. This is a good indicator. If she and her mom keep on arguing, or if her sisters complain she is always in a bad mood, run away! Even if she seems to behave like a saint with you.

      These are just tips that come too late, but oh well.

  36. david

    I am emotionally exhausted by the constant drip, drip, drip of nagging and complaining. When I don’t react it turns to personal slaughter of my charachter, my job everything. Had enough I am looking for my own place.

  37. Fred Sandford

    My wife complains even when we have sex. Harder, Faster , omg its too big!. ugh its enough to make you want to jump out a window on a 1 story building. I am like so frustrated with life, I married a person that Loves me and puts up with all my bullshit, but when I wake up in the morning there she is sucking on my oscar mayer and pounding me like a tough flank steak to get me ready for the day. I swear I have been rode harder than seabiscuit and faster than secretariat. I mean you can only take so much and then when she finishes me off she complains because I lasted more than 3 strokes. I mean what does a woman want. A guy that shows her who’s boss and doesn’t care if she complains.I am Just sayin’. Does she really think she should be the one to wear the panties? I work it hard like she likes and she should just learn to take it. She can complain all she wants because I know in the end she is too lazy to complain about anybody else.

  38. Ashley

    Wow, just reading some of these comments by men already give me a headache! How can a wife complain so much??? I only thought these scenerios exist in movies. I can’t believe some of these men help around the house and STILL get a nagging.
    Maybe it’s cultural, but I was NEVER brought up this way.
    I love my husband and we both love our life. I am blessed with being able to stay home with our children (newborn, and toddler) while he works at his job. If he has a job outside of the house, my job is inside of the house. Taking care of the kid. I, 99.9999% of the time bave a hot cooked meal on the stove ready for my hudband before he comes home. The house is clean, bed is done, dishes are washed etc. Sure, my husband helps me, but that is a FAVOR from him not a prority. Who cares if there are water sppts of the toilet seat is up??? It will take 1 second to fix it, but more time to fight over it. Remember he is a man, and he was most likely not taught to be the “maid” of the house, but the MAN of the house. i love my husband, and i appreciate everything he does. He’s my best friend, my everything. Also, you can’t nag him all day and expect sex. If you praise him all day tell him how much you love him and how sexy he is, that leads to a nice fiesty time in bed. Call him a loser, and expect to get rejected. My husband is 10 years older than me, I’m 20 he’s 30, and but we are so understanding. He comes home, has a hot meal, rests a little, plays with the kids, and we either go to the gym together, (yes you need to be active and healthy too!) Just cuz, you have kids you can’t become a slob. Of course he’s gona check out a hot chick passing by. I have 2 kids but i take care of my body working out that you can’t even tell. Its so easy to demand perfection, but can you offer perfection?? When you do all that then see if you have a bad guy…this modern day stuff is ridiculous!!! Thanks MOM!! For teaching meto be a real lady!!

  39. john

    Yea i feel ya pain mine bitches about me listeninig to music and anything i do man its insane. Just women are stupid. If it wasnt for the sex id be queer lol i dont want to have sex cuz she bitch si much even thought of killing the bitch its that bad. I love her cuz how it use to be but that rinh made her insane.

  40. nat

    i’m in the same boat. i have a 3 year old with a ton of needs. he hardly eats, he is totally oppositional, bottom line he is just a difficult child and it takes a ton of energy to make him happy. so tonight he is happily eating his dinner which is rare - at first he wanted to eat in mommy’s room (our bedroom) but I managed to convince him to eat in the living room… he moved the table to where he wanted it and sat down. so he is eating, i’m hand feeding him and i’m happy because he is eating for a change. he is like 0 % on the scale when you go to the pediatrician. so my wife is like ‘ move to the front of the table’ ‘stop dropping food ‘and starts patronizing me for complying with his demands. and it evolves to i don’t do anything around the house which is false…

    the moment i got home from work i had to hang christmas lights. well her antagonizing continued until i just said ‘ you know what, i don’t love you anymore. how does that feel?’. i couldn’t take it anymore. do i not love her anymore, i’mnot sure. but i’m tired of being belittled by her, her complaining is endless. she orders me around like a slave. thi sis not what i bargained for. our sex life is nonexistant, i have no desire to be with her but i have strong desire to be with other people.

    i told her i’m out of here and she can do thanksgiving alone, which we have to put on for her mom’s friends from japan and i can’t even communicate with them. i feel really bad for my kid, she is a horrible mother but i know she is going to fight me til the bitter end to get child custody.

    i know raising a kid is hard and frankly going to work is alot easier. i can understand some complaining but someones gotta pay the rent, put food on the table, buy the clothes, etc etc. i’m so over this.

  41. nat

    So my wife just came in and after i told her i dont love her she apologized profusely. i gotta keep this one on a short leash and not let this happen ever again…

  42. Jd

    I have been married a little over 2 years I am currently active duty and work on average 12 hours a day. When I get home after this my wife is sitting on the couch complaining that I didn’t bring home dinner. The house is a mess because I do not have time to clean. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place love the woman to death but I am getting fed up with bs and as far as the sex life ha that stopped before the first year. Any suggestions?

    1. Kelby

      @ Guera with her OVERLY feminist comment…So??? What do you want them to do, get a sex change? All those things are YOUR problem to deal with, with hormonal therapy if need be. You can’t expect men to completely 100% change themselves into women, just to understand all your stuff and satisfy your little temper tantrum. That being said, i’m sure they’re TRYING to understand you but with your complaining about stupid crap like that, it’s pretty hard!! Jesus H Christ, grow up!!!

  43. Guera

    F**king stupid men,,,,,, who dont have to deal with hormonal changes in their body, who dont give birth, go through periods or menapause. Who arent bombarded with images of photoshopped beatería looking women, or perfect families from the media.

  44. Theodore

    I suppose I am pleased and saddened that I am not alone. Beautiful new house that she chose, stays home to look after our daughter because she wants to and we can afford it, brand new car fully paid for, is loved to bits by her husband but man alive she never stops complaining. Constantly about everything. The house isn’t exactly what I she wanted, the car could have had some more features, live is so hard for her apparently. I don’t get it. This is not a monthly cycle, it is constant whinging. I don’t even get a decent meal cooked for me despite the fact that I am the one working long hard hours and she has home help. Seems the more we try to please the worse it gets. I beginning to believe I prefer poverty, at least then there is a reason for the complaints

    1. Rick

      It’s been proven that happiness increases with income, but at around $75,000 yearly income your happiness ceases to increase with your money. Imagine getting your first million dollars and seeing what options open up for you, restaruants, vehicles, art. Give yourself another million and are you really changing what you can do all that much? You’d go to the same restaruants, but the same clothes and generally do the same things. But you’d feel the obligation to use that other million even though the return will have diminished. In this way we see that money may buy happiness, but it’s not as easy as just hoarding a bunch then trading it directly for happiness. Sometimes the increase in resources reveals more about what’s wrong than it ever fixes.

  45. cranky

    I just chanced upon this surfing the web…am I reading these posts correctly? Is this a forum to complain about complaining?

  46. So Tired of it

    Just read through all the responses here.. I just want to leave soooo bad.

    My wife is a mixed breed, being that she’s part depressed, part lazy, part martyr, and mostly nagging bitch. We have a child, she’s a stay-at-home mom. I work 60+ hours a week, I take care of all the bills (stress over them, more like it), I do all the laundry, cooking, dishes, and also take care of our kids needs when I’m home. I do all the shopping, and errands as well. When I’m not home, she does the most minimal amount of taking care of our kid as possible. I also get the kid ready for school in the morning and make sure she’s on the bus.

    All that I can handle. What I can’t handle anymore is the constant martyr complex combined with the constant nagging and bitching. Every little mistake I make, whether it’s forgetting to take out the trash as I rush out the door, or ‘guessing’ the wrong thing to make for dinner. Everything is about her, and everything I do wrong is about how I do it just to annoy her. I folded a towel the wrong way. I missed a crumb or water spot on the counter when I cleaned the kitchen.

    And sex? She used to get angry at me during sex because I couldn’t read her mind.. yes that’s exactly the truth. One day she would want me to be dominant and aggressive, and the next she would want me to focus on foreplay for an hour. The next time she would want minimal foreplay and for me to be loving and tender, and the next time after that I would be expected to know she didn’t want it to be loving and tender. Somehow I would have to guess properly every time we had sex and if I got it wrong, she would turn into a major bitch right in the middle of the act.

    Now she bitches that we don’t have sex anymore.. GEE I WONDER WHY!

    I can’t leave. She would get the kid and I know she would make the kid pay for my crimes against her. We have no money because she won’t work. I’ve pushed her to work, but she has such a negative personality and is so confrontational that she gets fired from every job, or she just quits because she can’t get along (with the people who PUT UP with her BS!). She’s alienated her entire family and most of mine.

    I’m not looking for the next young hottie- I just want piece of mind! I daydream about being SINGLE. How sad is that? To be able to come home and just be myself.

    Fighting is pointless with her, as everything is always my fault. Maybe it’s my fault because I’m the only one who does anything?! Sit around all day and play facebook games and then blame your pathetic life on me.. how can anyone be so miserable?


  47. Ru

    LOL laughed at some of the ladies that commented here… You woman don’t know how to be happy. You put on your best performance to get a man you want and when you have him that fades away. a man just wants a woman to stay the way she was when he met her. a woman will start planning how she wants him to change this and that…

    and with my wife Ive tried the lot and nothing changes, Ive decided for six months I’m going to test it. I’m just going to go with it. not let the things she says get me upset say sorry when she complains and bitches and fix whatever she is complaining about and try my best not to do it again, but it doesn’t end she just finds more things to bitch about, so you know what? sorry babe. for the last time sorry. I’m sorry you are going to have to find a new guy to bitch at and and I’m sorry that he might not have the patience I had with and and I’m sorry that he might break your nose or worse. Im sorry but you have it coming, but you wont get that out of me, I’m better than that.

    1. Chris

      You know what? Not every woman is like this. I do NOT nag my husband. I have never given him a ‘honey do’ list and demanded it get done. I am not a princess and don’t act like it (I wish I could!)

      In fact, if I EVER do complain about something not getting done - I get yelled at. Plain and simple.

  48. Rm

    Oh what do you guys know about marriage and all the bull sh*t drama? It is all nothing but bull crap power struggles. Let me just ease your minds here a bit. Yes women nag and nag the hell out of your asses, but admit it for once that they wouldnt nag you to death if you just stopped what you were doing and do some sweet talking in that moment because thats all she really wants is that attention. Also, clean your sh*t she is not your mother or maid. Most men do not understand that woman try to keep themselves from getting grossed out by your bad habit so we nag yea to save your pee pees from drieing out but you idiots don’t get the hint if ever. Pick up after yourselves if you want your wife to feel sexy and not like an old maid.

    And women do need to realize that men lack common sense in relationships and personal communication skills in general. It is like trying to teach a gorilla how to put the toilet seat down they just might understand once you stop feeding them. Hooray for the women who work, bear children and still come home to a dirty house in which your husband or soon to be ex has been laying around playing video games all day. I wish that men would stop acting as if other woman do not nag because guess what? They all do eventuall in life.. yes its true.. No that hot little slutty young thing you check out here and there will never admit that she will eventually nag but oh she will because she will find something and that is just something you will have to deal with as “men” because with all do respect woman have put up with a lot for many many years and that includes once being oppressed by men in which at one point women were not allowed to do sh*t in this country back then. Now that we can and have to work for some dead beats who run away from fatherhood like peee you ess esss ysss the nagging his here to stay till you get your sh*ts together. Have a lovely Day!

  49. Daniel

    I can’t belive I’m not the only one going throu this! My wife is a controlling nagging bitch, I’m really starting to hate her for what she’s doing to me.
    I work all the time, earning good money but she moans over everything like bathing kids, what to cook, cleaning etc.
    She is Obbsessed with mess and moans every day about the house, I really don’t know how much more I can take.

    She gets all worked up over nothing then starts crying and refuses to speak for days, I always seem to be the one trying to get back in her good books, even thou I have nt done anything most of the time.

  50. Jack mehoff

    This generation is clearly a bad batch. If hitler came back he would try and exterminate all the American white bitches

  51. James B

    I tell my wife to shut up, it doesn’t help, but I feel better. If she continues I take off for a few hours. I try to work around the house however, am handicapped so it’s limited. I can’t leave her, I’m 53 years old, and the only girls I’m sexually attracted to are slim in their late teens to early twenties. I’m not rich in cash, and I’m crude at heart, worse yet I’m on a fixed income with Social Security, she makes roughly $100K @ year so I put up with it.

  52. Marcy

    It is not your job to make another person happy. That is their job, and theirs alone. Period. Happiness is a choice. Almost every day I am able to choose happiness over being in a bad mood, being mean, etc. Bitchy husband, or bitchy wife, no one has the right to treat you that way every single day (or most) of your life. Once upon a time, early in our marriage, I let my husband be a dictator. I had to live within very narrow parameters, and if I went outside of those parameters, even a tiny bit, then my life was MISERY. One day, after 12 years of that nonsense, I decided no more. My girfriend wanted me to come over to her house for a few glasses of wine on the upcoming Saturday. I TOLD my husband I was planning to spend time with my friend, etc. Obviously I might as well announced that I was planning an orgy would not include him. He was very ugly and very mean from Wednesday all the way to the time I left for my friends. He was ugly and mean when I returned and stayed that way for weeks. It was very upsetting for me, but I forced myself to stay rational and not go off. I jsut calmly informed him that I needed what I needed, just as he did, and that I was going to have some of what I wanted in my life. It took a few years for my husband to adjust to the new me. He adjusted. He ievery s wonderful about letting me be me now. Amazing. I had to invest in 2-3 very tough years though. If your wife is critiquing your every move, THAT IS EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE. Time to get tough. Your already miserable, what the hell? Tomorrow a.m. when she complains about the toothpaste or towel, just tell her the truth. “Well dear, I think the bathroom is fine just the way it is. We are married, our marriage is a democracy, not a dictatorship. I am going to do things to my standards, not yours.” PERIOD. Oh she will be bitchy and pissy, and even venomous. Big deal, you are already miserable! That is the best thing about it. She has already made your life a living hell, so now it is time to BE YOU. Don’t apologize, don’t give in to drama, do not argue with her. Just repeatedly reply that marriage is a partnership, not a dictatorship, and that you are not going to be treated like a child any longer. You can add that “My hope is that you and I can be happy together. I know you are not happy now, because I feel if you were, you would be a much kinder partner. I know I am miserable, because I feel you do not love, appreciate, or respect me. I have done everything I can to make you happy and it has not and is not and never will happen. You have to make the choice to be happy. Maybe that means you need to talk with a therapist, or maybe you could go to school part-time, or whatever it is you need to do. Just accept that your problem is not me, it is you being unhappy with yourself. I am here if you want love and support. I will not however give up my life for you, and I will not be emotionally hijacked by your behavior any longer.” Then stick with it. It is soooooo worth it.

  53. Jesse James

    Practical Test - Section (A).

    Get two cars, your wife and your dog. Seperate them in each trunk of each car for 10 minutes. Let them both out and see who’s most pleased to see you.

    Let me know how you get on with that! : )


  54. Olivia

    So far from what I’ve read from both sexes, man and woman, I empathize with both sides. At one point both man and woman wanted to get married so they could share a life together. Somewhere along the marriage a shift happened, where everything changed. More responsibilities, perhaps children? Aside from the “responsibilities,” both partners started seeing more and more of the same person and their habits, some of which were found to be incredibly annoying. One person could be more clean than the other when it comes to their environment and themselves. There are so many factors to consider. I think people forget that there will always be a rise of problems no matter how in love a couple may be. It is how you deal with those problems that matter. And it always starts with yourself. How do you see yourself and your actions? You can’t point fingers until you’ve truly seen how you as a partner, come across as. Self-reflection is quite important,especially in the spiritual aspect. (I won’t get into that any further.) Being in a marriage for years and years will eventually create a deeper root of all that has happened. Being with one person is a lot of work, of course, and signing up for marriage is basically signing up for a list of compromises. Because us humans are so vastly different than one another. We are bound to have many disagreements. I don’t think the wife has the right to belittle her husband, putting him down for the most simplest things…but the husband shouldn’t assume she is doing this without reason. Maybe he is thinking too much about himself and not about her. Perhaps, he is trying to help her, but she isn’t letting him. Maybe she is putting up a wall and she won’t let him in. There could be endless amount of reasons why there is tension between a couple. The only way to deal with this is to sit down and talk like normal human beings; communication. Listen to what your spouse is saying, try to compromise some of your control, let the other person in your heart, maybe there is a chance for both people to truly understand one another. But how can that be, when your spouse is constantly shutting you out? Most marriages end because of the lack of communication, trust, honesty, etc. Eventually you look at your spouse as a stranger. Doesn’t have to be that way. Sadly, people forget whom they fell in love with. They do end up as strangers living under one roof. By the way, I don’t personally think my opinion is the ‘right’ opinion. However, there is some truth in it. After all, I am only speaking in behalf of other married couples I have witnessed, including my own parents. They have been divorced for a while now. And both of them stopped listening to each other at one point.

  55. I'm not the only one

    I thought yall were depicting my life. I know the bible says “It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife”. proverbs 21:9
    So you are telling me it is better to live on your roof exposed to the elements than with a quarrelsome wife. I agree. I can’t even be honest with my wife about anything because when I try she gets upset and throws things and slams doors. I told her we need to go to counseling and she said that I have to change my ways first. She still brings up stuff I did 2 months ago and gets angry at that again. Don’t want to be like my parents and get a divorce especially with a child involved. I had goals and dreams before I got married now I just want to stay at work.

  56. Rocket

    Ladies: We are not here to do what you tell us to do. You want the water cleaned up, the cabinet door shut? Then clean up the water and shut the cabinet door. If we wanted it done it would be done. If *you* have a preference, make it how you want it.

    So many women out there saying “if only he would do what I tell him to do, I wouldn’t have to nag.”

    News flash: It’s not his job to do what you tell him to do. It’s his job to do what actually *needs to be done*. You know: fixing dangerous problems around the house (not drops of water on the counter), earning money to pay the bills, taking care of the family.

    If he’s doing the stuff that’s actually important for survival and health, take a moment and appreciate that. He works long hours, brings in the money, and you want him to worry about nonsensical, unimportant bullshit?

    I laugh when women say “How long does it take to put the toilet lid down?”

    No time at all. Which is why you should *put the god damned toilet lid down* if it matters to you. What, the task is too trivial for your important ass, but you naturally expect him to do it, and not only that, but you expect him to do it because you *said so?*

    He’s feeding you. Help him do it. Either earn some money yourself to lighten his load, do all of those “little things” that you admit are *soo easy to do*, or just learn to live with it.

    Marriage is supposed to be a partnership. You each bring strengths. You each have responsibilities. Having every last little thing in your life the way you want it? That’s *your* responsibility.

    If he’s so bad, divorce him, move on, and get the person that you want. If you’re going to sit around bitching and moaning about it while he works at the important stuff around you, what that screams is that you’re entirely dependent. There is one grown-up in the relationship, and it’s not you.

  57. James

    From reading your posts, you sound like a slob. Really, I do sympathize that your wife does sound like she needs a muzzle. At the same time, her complaints don’t sound unreasonable…maybe there can be a compromise. You clean up after yourself and put some thought into what you’re doing to keep things clean, tell her you’ll try but to keep a lid on it especially in the morning.

  58. Gabe

    I can only relate with you guys, we have a saying in spanish for wives like that “La gata de Doña Rita, llora cuando le dan, grita cuando le quitan”, of course in Spanish it rimes but it goes like this, Mss. Rita’s Cat, screams when it gets it and cries when she doesn’t. They are never satisfied, nothing seems to be enough for those nagging bitches, and that’s precisely what what will they will be left with in the end- nothing.

    My wife told when we were dating that she would not get married unless we got the house and the car, we got both when we got married, and still was not enough, she complains to me about everything day in day out, from am to pm, about her job, her boss, her coworkers, her friends, her family, there is no end to her complaining, I cook, clean, iron, repair and do shit by myself, if it has to be done, I see it done, I learned to live by myself when I went to live alone while single, and she knows her way around the house too, so what I ask in return is some appreciation back, some not-nagging-time…

    When she got a crappy but easy job, she would complain about not making enough and wanting to be more useful, now she’s got a demanding boss and a very demanding full time job, and she complains about how stressful and tiring everything and everybody are…

    I dont want to leave her because she can be very supportive and loving at times, but she’s hurt my feelings and trust, and her naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagging-bitching-complaining only make things worse.

  59. rhyno

    I want to crack this bitch’s head. She bitches about everything ANYONEsdf does. She uses our teenage son like a slave and treats him just like she treats me. She practically dares me to hit her or something, getting in my face screaming and shaking like a crazy person then after I am pissed she’ll look me up and down and say something about not being a man, or being fat, or anything her little mind can pull up to get me flaming’

    When I lived alone my house was spotless, like a hotel or museum-, crazy for a guy in his twenties I guess, none of my friends kept their homes like that. I got with this bitch and she can’t even be bothered to put the lid on the toothpaste, yet she complains about every chore I do. I guess I fixed her ass, I don’t clean anything anymore, even on my days off. Hell I may as well not go to the trouble she will be shitty either way.

    I used to work out alot and eat only the right stuff. Then she just complained all the time she didn’t like my food and I was just going to the gym to check out girls, and look good for them. She made it such a problem I just gave up and got fat. Now she throws my fatness in my face to embarass, piss me off.

    I refuse to leave and let her ruin my kids. She already uses me as the bad cop. I don’t give a damn about paying support, it would be well worth it to get rid of her.

    I have fantasized about grabbing her neck and choking her out until she was unconscios. Has anyone else played that movie in their head?

    I have had to get on medication to make myself not care about how she is, but it stopped working a while ago. I have been sleeping on the couch for 2 years now. No sex life, I do still try infrequently but she saves that for special occasions. Hell, its all bout her then too. Who the hell wants to touch a vagina that you need a f**king GPS to navigate around in?

    Im dropping some weight now, I’ll be hitting the gym soon. Her shit will get even worse then, but i am done with sacrificing my health to get along with her. She knows I’m trying to get back into eating correctly, so she suddenly decides to become Betty Crocker and start making all these pies and cakes, ,even though she never cooked before this.

  60. Johnson

    My wife and I had the great relationship. Before marriage and after marriage but after we had children, she was no longer the same person. She is more irritable, more opinionated and makes me feel unimportant. The children is everything to her and that is fine. I know that many of us husbands become not as important after a child but for once, I wish I can live life not having any complaints about this or that. I cut myself off and work two jobs, not for the money but because I don’t want to be a burden to her or the children as I feel, I’m at fault for everything. Part of me feels divorce maybe coming but I really don’t like divorce because it’s too easy to divorce and I want to save this marriage. But I think the fact is that with children, priorities have shifted. I’m unhappy but each of my married friends are unhappy. They tell me that’s how life is being married with children. It’s part of the process and the life you lived before marriage and children, that’s all past.

  61. A Wife

    I’m a wife. Married 6 months, together 7 years. I complain. I complain sometimes about stupid sh*t that doesnt matter, I can complain about sh*t he does when I do the same stupid sh*t. Sometimes. Not all the time. But, I’m aware and I try not too. And ya, he’s an a&&hole sometimes. Not all the time. But he’s aware and tries not to be.

    Women in this chat are going to hate this…owell. I complain when I’m not happy with myself or something in me is lacking. I highly suggest the naggers and complainers reading this, and the husbands living with them and the newly single men looking for new women - Find a women with a purpose and a drive!! That doesn’t rely on you to MAKE her happy, cause you can’t. Find a woman that has a sex drive, and do things that make her want to have sex. And this is in no way meant to be offensive - but men are quite easy to figure out, understand and please. Give them some kinky, fun, uninhibited sex OFTEN and before you ask him to help you out a little and see how differently he responds to you. This is not prositution, for all you prudes out there - that’s sex with a cherry on top. EXERCISE!!!! Keep your body in good condition, so YOU feel good about yourself. Exercise will help with the negative thought patterns as well.

    Some women may find this too old school for them. But, it works. Is your complaining working? Try something different.

  62. A Wife

    Also, not saying that all men deserve your love and that you should have sex to keep peace. If you’re complainer, stop. It’s not doing any good. It won’t change him. If you’re that unhappy, move on to someone else. But, in my opinion, people who complain/negative are USUALLY unhappy with themselves and just to busy focusing the attention on someone else. Same as an addict…kinda. Negativity and complaing can just become a nasty habbit to not deal and mask your own issues. The same as having a drink (or whatever your posion is) can help you not think about your own issues.

    Men need to be encouraged, appreciated and supported (so do women, but we’re talking about wives…) And men (most) need sex. Yes, need. It’s a natural desire and it’s how they show love. They’re not going to sit and chat about your feelings, that’s what you have friends for. They’re going to make love to you to show you love - so let them. And LOVE them back, with sex, with your mouth….ok, ok, you get the point 🙂 I know a lot of women will judge me fot that last comment - and they will never know the power of it and the great intimacy it can create in your marriage. How many of you men would be more happy if, instead of being greated by a complaining wife you were greeted with an eager, naked wife when coming home from work. Would it make you a little more eager yourself, to maybe wipe that sink down? Just saying. And I get it, women, you’re not always in the mood. Get in the mood. Fake it - sometimes you can make yourself in the mood. Insecure about your body? Go to the gym so you wanna show it off! It will change your marriage.

    1. Bob

      My wife complains and if I ask her not to complain she complains more.

      Her sisters do the same and their husbands have left. I grew up with 4 sisters and I have an insight that most men have not experienced, so I know.

      Young beautiful girls that we fell in love with turn into witches. Why? I don’t know. But women create misery and can’t help themselves. Men can only survive in quite suffering. Women can’t see it and can’t help themselves. Getting another woman is just trading one hassle for another.

      Sorry guys we are doomed.

  63. Corey

    It seems to me that most of the guys that are complaining about their nagging wifes either:

    1) agree with the content of their wives complaints, but are too lazy to do something about them
    2) not confident and forthcoming about what they consider proper household “conditions”

    For example; when my wife complained that I left the toilet seat up, I then asked myself if I think that is acceptable beheaviour for the both of us to be living in (TOILET SEAT UP, THE HORROR!). If I dont care that the toilet seat is up, and she does. Then that is ONE sided. So I had to ask myself if I needed to start caring if the toilet seat is up because SHE cares. If I find that I REALLY dont care, then I am confident enough in MY stance to let her know this, which in turn let’s her know how much her complaining is REALLY not going affecting me, but rather ANNOY me. If she irrationally complains MORE about it after the fact, then I can justify my feelings of disregard and I am content with just letting her complain about it to me without it really affecting me negatively (in one ear, and out the other, and usually with a taste of internal sarcasm to amuse myself) Of course this requires a strong personality, which for me comes and goes, but at least it allows me to come to terms with what I consider appropriate behaviour of not only my wife, buy also from myself.

    That is a really rudimentary example, but I think my point is stated… There are TWO people in control of YOUR household’s direction, not ONE. Just because your wife says that you are wrong for doing something, doesn’t mean that you ARE wrong and that you have to brood about her constant complaining. Why negativelly care about something that you dont really care about?

  64. Mark

    Things my father never told me:

    Don’t start a marriage you don’t want to finish. Closely study the mother of the girl you love as that is what your future holds. Good news gals, this works both ways!

    Woman love to talk, woman love to talk about people. Men love to do stuff, men love to do stuff with stuff. Guys our minds will always be boggled because of all this endless chatter, girls you will always be angry because he doesn’t seem to care.

    The more common interests you share (no faking, it’ll show in the long run) and the less cultural diversity you share the better the long term survival rate will be.

    See Jesse James comment.

  65. Andrew

    Im so sick of my lAzy good for nothing wife. all she is good for is cooking and f**king and she really is not good at that.21 years old and still no job??? nags at me every day about money. Or how the house is a mess. bitch get your lazy jobless ass out of bed. its ten in the morning and the beast is still asleep.

  66. dave

    i am so sick of my gf shooting me down all the time every suggestion i make its no all the time and not even an explenation just a flat no wots the f***ing point
    suggest something 4 urself from now on u useless bitch then she complains cos im being boring i just cant win with her at all

  67. Thom

    I don’t know man. I have a story with A different end. I’d go for girls who were up for anything and ready for a good time. Then I met who I’m glad to be married to now. She was critical about the way I kept up my apartment and one day I jokingly told her to stop being such a nag and then she walked out. I mean she said ok and left. I was f**king shocked and passed. We talked later on the phone and she said she really liked me but if I’m with her we’!lolboth have to do our shares withoutx halfassing it. I’ll go ahead and be the first to admit I always let my mom clean up after me when I was growing up. So I didn’t know a lot about things she was forced to learn, and that’s shifty and it makes sense to me that she’d rather be on her own then with a man whose treating her the way he treats his mom. She can get bitchy , but I know it’s about shit I didn’t do as good as I should. I taught her how to fix her own car whenever it needs an oil change and new replacements and we went and get her bike licence so she has to keep hers running as good as mine all on her own. and I know I’m an asshole when she doesn’t to good, so it’s all fair lol

  68. Tony

    23 years of this.

    I married this woman because I felt she was a good person, believed in God, and she and her 3 children needed me.
    I sacrificed all I had financially and personally to take care of this family. We made an agreement when we first married, that when her children were grown, and married, we would be free to pursue our adult Christians lives together. 10 years ago, the last of her children married, and live away from us, and my wife has visited them continually, at a drain to our finances, and my peace.

    She started the nagging 10 years ago, when her children were gone…she gave me constant ultimatums to move closer to her children, disregarding my work or personal desires…it was either give her what she asked for, or be nagged and refused a sex life.

    I lost a number of projects and jobs due to her constant threats to leave the marriage if I complained about her putting her children before me…I reminded her of her responsibility to God first, but that being my friend, and doing things for me was also important.

    I finally told her this year; “I am not going to sell this house to move to your children’s area again…it’s too cold, and the business opportunities are too few for me”.

    She replied by saying; “I’m leaving then, for 1/2 the year, and you can stay here and take care of the house.

    Then the fights started, and they haven’t stopped. She is unyielding and cold unless she gets her way. I have been a faithful husband, but my dreams are taking me into the arms of a loving soft compliant woman.

    My wife starts fights because of her weight gain, and her physical ailments. I am constantly there for her with care and touching to sooth her…she never even hugs me.

    I am losing my desire for her, and I am finding it difficult to find anything about her to love, and I believe this is what she wants…she wants ME to leave, so the spiritual blame is on my shoulders.

    Last night I told her she needed to leave our home and go live with her children…she told me she had already made arrangements to do so.

    She then said; “If I come back in a year, will we still be married”?…..I did not know how to answer this.

    I told her that I would not assist her in her move, and that I am selling the house and everything in it, to divide equally between us. She seemed agitated, but agreed.

    I am planning on divorcing her, because I believe she used her children and family to manipulate and control me for their own gain, and when I started to complain, they all stood against step-dad.

    I hope the best for her, and I hope to meet someone later on with a balanced and kind view of life and love.

    Be careful when marrying a woman with young children, and a hidden history of manipulation.

  69. Jnew

    Dear Guys - Yikes is this post about me?!?!? Im glad I came across this post - I was recently diagnosed bi-polar/OCD/AHDH combined type - some how, my husband has managed to keep our family together and now that Im in treatment - every day we get better. Now, had he come to me and said you’re crazy go see a doc - Id have flipped my shit - depending on my mood. Im not insinuating that all your wives are bipolar, but maybe they have underlying emotional issues or trauma - I have a few suggestions that I hope will help someone

    1. Print off some literature on marriages in crisis - leave them “hidden in plain sight” pocket in pants (if she does laundry and checks pockets)
    2. Write her a letter - give examples, be as kind as you can especially if you suspect mental disorder
    3. I know this one may be tough, but hear me out - step back, and look at your life together as a fly on the wall. have either of you had a “break”? from each other? from kids? from life in general? in our situation, my husband never got up with the kids when they were babies (I was ok with that, I stayed home, he worked really hard so i could do that) but, him taking the kids when they got up in the morning for even an hour so i could rest, sleep in etc. would have done wonders for my mental health. Another issue - we are renovating, and something is always in the way or unfinished and it can create chaos, if your honey do list is neverending, maybe you need a schedule or routine in order to finish things? my husband now does his “chores” on monday or wednesday evening, we also have a white board for eachothers to do lists - if he needs me to pick up this or that on a certain day, or if i need him to hang a planter - on the board it goes!
    4. COMMUNICATION!!!!!! From a former crazy-bit**, ill tell ay, the odd time my husband said what he was thinking, i realized i was wrong (on somethings 🙂 ) I would say to him, “get the deck painted by sunday please” - then on sunday, id be trying to get my indoor chores done but the kids are giving me hell, so i call him in to give me a hand - not really thinking that what he was doing what i asked him to. Duh! When he brought this up, i felt like such an idiot, and sometimes he had to be a dick to get it across.
    5. Look at yourself - I was no angel! but once I sat in my psych-doc’s office, and looked at my bahaviour and how it affected my marriage, kids etc. I made big changes, i slipped up - A LOT! but eventually, I made new habits, and things got easier. Do you have some bad habits? When I came home and told him about it, he said, you know, i have a few bad habits myself!

    6. Kill her… with kindness that is! Something I did to repair things, was doing lots for him. Examples. He loves his afterwork shower, especially after a day outside in the snow or rain. So, instead of the usual coming in and out of the bathroom letting the cold air in, I left him alone, got his sweats and shirt, and a towel - warmed them in the dryer, and then brought them into the bathroom as he was getting out. “here, i warmed these up in the dryer” i made his favorite meals at least once a week, i did his chores, i let him sleep in - darkened the room, took the kids for a walk, when i got home id set up pancake stuff for him ( he loves making pancakes) then woke him up with a fresh hot coffee. he wanted to bring his old truck to our house from his mom’s to restore it, but we had a tone of junk in the garage - over a month or so i started picking through everything, purging tossing etc to make room for his truck. ** we ended up not bringing the truck home because other things came up, but its the thought that counts!

    I became more loving, more open (in the bedroom), stopped asking for him to do so much, i tried to limit his honey do list to 1-3 things, but only a few days a week. keep in mind they were small things, hang a picture here, pull the dryer/stove/fridge out.

    Im not sure if any of these will help, BUT I do think that EVERY marriage is salvageable PROVIDED both parties are willing and working at it. We can be fixed!

    Sincerely, a former bitchy wife

  70. Damien

    I work 40-50 hours a week, but because it’s from home it’s not ‘real work’ in my wife’s eyes. I also cook all the meals, pay all the bills, mow the lawns, chop the wood for the fire, do as much picking up the kids from activities as she does, give her a foot massage EVERY night, buy her jewellery, flowers, wine, chocolates….but she still complains on a daily basis. I’mso used to it now I call it the littany….same old list , “you need to earn more money”, “you’re lazy”, “the kids don’t respect you” (they do, way more so than they do here which is probably her complaint) and on her worst days she just goes to town on every aspect of my personality, disposition ,appearance etc.

    I’ve tried telling her but she always turns it around and gets really aggressive. She can never ever keep the tone of her voice at a reasonable level and the worst thing you can possibly say to here is “can you please try and have some self awareness”, that sets here off into psycho crazy bitch mode. Then there’s the Martyrdom…deliberately choosing an option that allows more complaining. She never ever takes pain killers for her periods and then she takes it all out on me.

    If we didn’t have 3 kids I’d have bee gone long ago -now I’m just waiting for my youngest to finish school and then I’m off to live in a completely new country - like The Netherlands.

  71. Ali

    Ya Allah. My wife is amazing, she is muslim and so she read this book about marriage and it came with all these narrations from the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and does not disobey me nor has she ever complained about anything trivial. I suggest you all to become muslim and marry wives that believe in the Almighty God of Moses, Jesus, Abraham, and Muhammad and you will not find yourself in these horrible situations.

    1. mark

      become muslim and marry a muslim woman? ARE YOU JOKING? that would take a guy from the frying pan into the fire. I dated a muslim woman (yeah, I had my pathetic liberal moment) and it was a nightmare. She was demanding, wanted to control me and she banged other dudes behind my back. Then she would put on the innocent religious act. I dropped her fast and she wouldn’t let up. She kept calling and she started acting like a stalker. Sand Dogs will always be sand dogs.

  72. Fed up

    I pledge, My wife nags from the time she Wakes up til bedtime. The only time I have peace is when she’s sleep or I’m at work, she also talks sooo much! The Bitch never shuts up, no matter how much I show her that I don’t want to talk she’s talks more and more, almost as if she purposely wants to push me over the edge. Sometimes she talks so much all I can see is a giant talking mouth in front of me. I think it wouldn’t be so bad if she was somewhat of a listener, but she’s not! she even pretty much answers the questions that she ask me her damn self! I’ve been contemplating leaving her ass for the longest. I’ve seriously printed out some divorce papers. Yea it’s that damn bad. My advice to women is to learn “WHEN” to shut the F… Up ! There’s a lot of unmarried women who are lonely as hell for lack of that simple gift! “knowing when to STF up! Statics show that 44% of the people in this country are unmarried women!

  73. suku

    I showed this to my wife… and told her, hopefully you wouldnt fall in this category… and she says… you guys are stupid….

  74. mark

    The problem today is that women don’t respect men anymore. They have zero respect for men. If you have a huge bank account women shut up and play nice. Money talks as the saying goes. But, for the rest of us working class joes women don’t have respect for us anymore. Women know they can’t be hit, so they test the waters and push a guy to the see how far she can go. Telling her to shut up doesn’t do anything. A woman mocks that. Walking away from her will always do the trick. Guys need to learn to not respond to a woman’s antics and just walk away. Don’t call her, don’t email her, avoid her. She will come to you. And when she does play it cool and slow. Let her want YOU. Women know that many guys won’t put his foot down and he has let it be known he really needs her. She then identifies a weakness in the guy and exploits it. Guys need to break the cycle of stupidity and care for yourselves first.

  75. DB

    So i need to vent my frustrations. I’m in my 30’s going back to school to get a degree, original thoughts were that i would not have to work and could just focus on studies. Great plan but with 2 kids and bills to pay not feasible. So i get a part-time job that works with my school schedule, but now my wife complains that i family is falling apart, and that i’m selfish for wanting to work and do school, that i can’t do anything right and is constantly telling me what i don’t do. I thought that me working and going to school would be something for her to be proud of, not make me out to be a villain. I’m frustrated, scared and at a complete loss of what to do. I want to leave since this had not been that only time she has made me feel like a complete waste. I have always worked hard to take care of our family, now i shouldn’t be because i just should be doing school, what the hell.

  76. Roger Morris

    My wife is Hungarian, trust me, they are frickin nuts. She has two crazy sisters and they all stem from their 90 year old maniac mom who started it all. She reminds me of the Alien mother in the Predator movies. My wife’s favorite thing to do is to raise her voice, nag, and complain just enough to get me ticked off, then when I warn her if she keeps it up, we’ll get in a fight she continues. When we finally do get into a fight, (SHE STARTED BY THE WAY), she denies having anything to do with it, it’s always my fault. Even after explaining to her that it means I make this stuff up and just out of the blue when I’m totally relaxed, I decide to pick a fight with her. Unbelievable. I am humble and always admit my mistakes in our relationship. Ready for this, in 21 years of marriage, she has done that maybe twice. Her sisters are the same. Her mom loves to talk behind people’s back negatively, start arguments with everyone, those closest to her more often than not, and her worst habit is always defending Hungary by saying America sucks in just about every way possible. Yes, I’ve thought about telling her to leave if she’s so unhappy, but well, you know what that would provoke. Another argument I would start. Anyway, I feel your pain boys. Her frickin mom and sisters are ways insane, but alas, I must be honest and say that my wife’s problem is less severe, perhaps once every quarter. She’s definitely a nag though. It’s an artform on the female side of her family. They could turn it into an olympic sport, these European fruitcakes. It is a European thing, for sure. Plus, toss a little Menopause in, you have a time bomb. Not fun.

  77. Nader

    Got married later on in life had a house car ETC. now she wants to sell the house so her name is on it also. supporting her mom and her family Still bitch bitch and more.
    Dear God help me….

  78. Ghost

    I managed to retire at a very young age (47) and now that I’m home most of the time with my wife who also does not work this has become a problem.

    What I’ve found is you have to tell her straight-up to stop it.

    “I don’t nag you, don’t nag me”

    “I’m not continually telling you what to do or not to do, don’t tell me”,

    “I’ll make you a deal, you don’t constantly point out my faults, & I won’t do the same to you”

    “The person who it’s bothering needs to take care of it. When it starts bothering me, I’ll take care of it. It’s not bothering me right now. Your nagging me about it, on the other hand, is bothering me.” (particularly effective for grass mowing and other household chores)

    Don’t yell or get upset, just say it calmly & go about your business. Prepare for her to be shocked, angry, hurt, etc at your responses. Prepare also for her to not change her ways because she probably won’t. But at least you’ll get it out there and you’ll feel better about it. If any tension is created in the relationship because of it … it’ll be her creating the tension & putting it on herself. Don’t let her put the tension on you anymore.

  79. Delboy

    You are married to a control-freak. You have to nip this in the bud and it will be the best thing you ever do. Get things back on a level playing surface. I took this advice once from a colleague who told me his wife used to be like his second boss. It all comes from being too submissive and allowing her behavior to become the acceptable norm. Personally I was never a confrontational person and used to let this go on until one day I realized I had been bottling it all up for so long. I came home after a really bad day at work and she immediately started complaining to me about something… I just exploded and it all came to a head. I was not violent or anything but I certainly told her everything I had been wanting to say for a very long time, that I was not going to stand for any more of her complaining bullshit and if she didn’t change then I would have to leave the relationship. Relationships are about give and take, nobody is perfect and just as you don’t complain about her, she should play fair and stop complaining about you so much. Good luck with growing some balls!

  80. jeff

    My marriage was as bad as it could get with a chronic complainer. After several wasted years I read “A Wife is a Terrible Thing to Waste” by Mr X. The best investment that I have ever made.

  81. Shawn

    All I can say is, I just hold onto my retirement dream, when the kids are out of the house, and I finally divorce my wife’s ass, and live on my own where I don’t have to account to anyone’s nagging.

  82. Dicien

    Well I’m glad I’m not alone. My soon to be wife has this nasty habit of blaming me for everything under the sun. I’m not just talking little things like not cleaning up IMMEDIATELY after myself. That does happen…like every day, but no. I’m talking about being told that I am the root cause of all of her problems.

    We recently bought a house when we found out we were going to have a baby. The first house we saw was junky and needed a lot of work. We found one that needed less work and had a better location. We both agreed that we wanted the house. We both sat down and made the offer…together…no arm twisting involved.

    Fast forward only one year and she hates the house. Actually she hates the house depending on what time of day it is, what the current phase of the moon is, etc. Some days she loves it, other days she is telling me what a horrible decision -> I <- made in buying the house. Yes, apparently I made this decision alone. If that was the case, I would have bought a way different house. Actually I really didn't want to buy a house, but through her nagging relented. She literally sent me MLS listings every freaking day. Not a single conversation went by without her bringing it up. But I digress. She hates the house and I am like Hitler and Pol-Pot wrapped into one because of it and it is ALL MY FAULT! I'm holding her back. Without me, she could do whatever she wants and life will be perfect!

    Without me, she could go anywhere! She wouldn't need to clean the house or anything because she is so tidy! Mind you when I met her, her apartment looked like a bomb hit it. It always was covered in clothes and papers strewn about everywhere. When we moved her out, the cockroaches I saw running out from her closet are still amongst the biggest I have ever seen in my life. But hey, that was probably my fault too.

    You have no idea how tired of this crap I am. I'm willing to dump the house just to get her to STFU. I do NOT think that will solve anything though. In fact the new area she wants to move to will probably suck for her to commute from. Of course good luck getting her to see that.

    If you are reading this as me spewing negativity, I apologize. It has just been a very trying year. I am responsible for getting her to work and picking her up. I am responsible for taking our kid to daycare and picking her up. I have to drive everybody everywhere. I have a full time job which is stressful and demanding (I don't just sit around - most days I skip lunch). I have to keep up with the yard, do all the bills, help out with housework, be Dad whenever my daughter is awake, and be responsible for everything except laundry. Every time she asks me to buy something, I have to talk about what I can afford currently, which always triggers an angry response from her. I can't talk about budget (because I am struggling to keep up) without getting into a fight. Add all this on top of it and I'm lucky I haven't cracked yet.

    I hear about every little thing I miss while cleaning up (or just do during day to day life). However if she happens to (and yes this happened) get her monthly mess all over the toilet seat, its ok if she leaves it there. I cleaned that crap up this week. I do not have to tell you how disgusting that was. Me? I get screamed at - AND I MEAN SCREAMED AT - If I so much as kick off my shoes at the end of the day so I can put my feet up and relax. Her shoes? Oh they are on the ground about 5 feet away from mine - also no where near away.

    The difference? I don't give her crap for that stuff. She gets sick, I tell her to go to bed while I take care of her daughter. I have cleaned up her vomit and yes, even the number 2 after her c-section with no complaints. I didn't even mention the monthly mess on the toilet seat to her. I rub her feet. I try to be a good partner. Me? I get sick and she throws me out of bed. I have to fend for myself. Once, she even screamed at me for getting sick in the first place.

    Ladies, the vast majority of you are like this. I've met too many women like this and I'm sure every guy on this board didn't all just happen to choose the wrong woman. We chose the best we could get from what was available. This, THIS is what is available. If I didn't have a young daughter to think about, I would have left a long time ago cause believe me the fortress of solitude is looking cozy at this point. But don't think for a second that if I leave this woman that I will ever want to get married or have kids with another woman out there. Oh yeah, there is one out there that would be perfect. Then when her makeup washes off, you will see the unholy abomination that you are chained to. Wash, rinse, repeat. Unfair, maybe. But so is everything I've been going through.

  83. Anna

    When I read this, all I can think of is the woman cleaning the bathroom all nice and shiny, and him destroying the bathroom the first 15 minutes he is in the morning, and then disrespecting her online. Is it really so hard to close the effing toothpaste container? So it doesn’t get al dry and chunky on the end? If you don’t squeeze from the bottom, you have to work harder to get it out. Leave a wet towel on the sink and it damages the counter. Throw a wet towel in the hamper and it molds. Water drops turn into spots and look like sh*t. The seat and lid open on the toilet are a mess and unnecessary. Close the effing thing when you are done! FFS! Its not her, its you!!!

    1. j_man

      Wow such emotional outbursts towards an inadvertant mistake. Shaming your husband as a pet might be part of whatever problem that led you to stumble on this. The constant spying into ones computer is another that woman like my wife do that accuse and insult me. With the get out of jail free card” insecurity “being thrown in my face to excuse Her behavior. I type my name and hope my wife finds this. And I will just do why she does. Deny deny deny. Cept I’m not allowed to get away with innocent behavior. I have to actually admit to a lie to get this bitch to back off and stop escalating it. If your name is fefe I hope u see this. Can’t talk to you you don’t listen anyways.

  84. wants to be free

    First off, i know men can be assholes too. I would welcome more women adding to this thread. im writing here cos i just wanted to add my support to those of you having issues, i hear ya (most of you anyway). For me, i have stopped seing my friends, i have grown distrustfull of other people. i cant really make new friends anymore. I have kinda become a hermit. my only pleasure is my son, hes my world. I share the most common problems with you people in my marriage. I do think perhaps my wife can be ocd about things, but its the constant talking, analysing, advise/orders, suggestions/put down, collective changes/things i need to change, inability to accept blame, dangerously relaxed attitude about things (my wife cant do risk assessments in her head, sure, have that knife that could cut the tears of an atom in half). There i said it. I will end this with something that helps me deal with my life. i get away into the hills, i climb them and surround myself in absolute natural beauty and wonder at how the world was formed, but more importantly, i emerse myself in the ambient sounds of nature. Have you ever not talked or listened to another voice for a day. i swear, its my new wonder drug. the sound of silence is my new favourite language.

  85. IvanLocke

    My wife bitches about all sorts of sh*t. First, I write articles about politics… So I pay a lot of attention to that to stay informed, I did this before I was married and will continue as such… She knew this. Then I get people adding me on social media I have no idea who they are they probably saw a post of mine and want up read more who knows?! But wtf is it with every time I pick up my phone she thinks I’m cheating or some sh*t?

    Seriously, having one woman is more than enough headaches… Why would I want to add another one to the mix? I don’t think any many who is sane seeks two women. It’s pure insanity.

    So with her insecurity I have to basically end whatever I did prior to her and just watch sh*t ass reality tv shows rather than write about what’s happening.

    Going on 2 years and now she’s starting to flip the hell out.

  86. Greg

    I’m so grateful that I found this page and for all the comments. Some made me laugh, some made me sad, and a lot of them ring so true. I can recognise my own situation in a lot of the stories and anecdotes. I’m trying hard to make things work with my wife, but it’s an every day struggle. I completely agree with the person who wrote that the nagger is nagging because they are unhappy with themselves. Even my wife recognises sometimes that she’s a shrew, when she is in a rare moment of mental clarity. We have two beautiful children and a third one on the way. I really want to make this marriage work. I’m already on my 3rd attempt. At one point I was thinking that maybe it’s me, I am the issue here. But I realised by reading your posts and comments that this is in fact a globally widespread problem with women; I am not alone in this struggle. It seems (almost) all women are the same. So the solution is not to swap wives. There is no point going from one committed relationship to another. In the end you always end up in the same shit. But so what’s the solution? Stay single? I completely agree with the person who commented that you cannot MAKE your wife happy. That’s her job to BE happy. A priest once told me and my wife, you cannot change your husband. You can only change yourself. And it goes both ways of course. But she wasn’t paying attention.

  87. Tom Obvious

    Try having an Asian woman, guys. You think you know terror and misery? Lord, try a Chinese or Korean wife. You will welcome the cool embrace of death after a few weeks.

  88. HELPPP

    Never marry a Chinese women, you’d think she’d clean up the house and do the cooking and almost all of the chores, but it’s opposite, she doesn’t even go to work. She tells me to clean this and that, and she’s pregnant (well now, she’s 3 months right now) and she tells me to cook for her (cooking whatever she likes ffs) and now I’m not ready to divorce her because she’s pregnant with our child and I can’t lose my baby boy/girl.

  89. Jay

    I really for all these years felt I was alone in this type of thing. After reading all these post I can see I am not. It is like reading my life exactly. The moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed it is constant bitching and complaining about everything wrong in her life and it is all my fault! She even uses our own daughter as a pawn in her arguments. She is a sick and twisted woman. She has threatened me with everything from having me killed,beaten up, and taken to court! All I have ever done is try to make her happy and yet she does nothing but find fault in everything I do. She cant go 5 minutes without calling my name for something to complain about. I feel like I am starting to loose my self now. I just suffer through it because I refuse to leave my daughter without a father because I had to grow up[ without one and I know how bad it has effected my in my life. I am so depressed and sad at how my life has turned out now….it’s not suppose to be like this. Yeah I get a house and a family blah,blah,blah…the American dream right? Like George Carlin said: They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

  90. WhyMe?

    Women these days are the worst, all they do is complain, especially American women. They feel so entitled, like life is supposed to be perfect and easy. Even if it was, they still would complain. I’m married to a woman who, like everyone on here, complains about everything. She complains in circles, contridicting herself constantly, and when I try to point that out when I’m having trouble following her point/current complaint, she gets irate with me and starts verbally attacking me. I have to stop her and say, wait, I thought you were angry about X, but now it’s about Y… What make believe world do women think they live in? It’s unbelievable. So ungrateful. She wouldn’t be able to shove her face full of food if it wasn’t for all the money I make. We live in a mansion on a beautiful lake, with 2 beautiful kids, 2 new cars, the live the American dream. But, I guess life sucks for her..right? Because she can’t stand listening to all the insane voices in her head! I swear she is bi-polar. One minute everything is great and the next it’s world war 3. WTF did I get myself into? I felt like the stupidest failure in the world until I came across this site, now I think we’re all idiots caught in a culture gone terribly wrong. What ever happened to the days when women were thankful for not ending up like lonely old spinsters? I blame our horrible culture in this country and political correctNess gone mad. If it we legal for men to knock some sense into our women everytime they opened their mouths with disrespect and negativity towards their man, then none of us would be on this website right now. We’d be real men, having sex with our beautiful wives, who thought we were the world to them. Instead, we are prisoners to someone else’s sick creation.. how depressing. The real victims are the kids, but she doesn’t care. She yells constantly right in front of them like a rabid hyena. F**king bitch, I hate her.

  91. Kyle

    My wife acts like this too. Its all about focusing on any and all negative things…no matter how trivial. Water on the counter is about the same reaction as if the house was on fire. The core issue is Ego. Yes women have egos too. For her to feel better about herslef she has to make herself a martyr. Open your eyes men..and realize your wives are not perfect..and make them face that fact too..until you can admit you are not perfect yourself you will never be able to handle imperfections in others. If they cant get down off their high horse,, well then you know what to do. I have been dishing it right back at my wife and it has not helped with the peace but its at least forcing her to see she has a role in this too. Honestly if it continues i cant consider us friends or partners. For those who are Christians the bible says dont worry so much about others problems before dealing with your own.

  92. Scott Cornell

    You are describing my ex to a T. I jettisoned her and found a new woman who appreciates everything I do and has for 6 years. There is hope, Change your situation!

  93. Mic

    WOW! You are all complaining about your wives…GF….B$%ch’s…but how old are you folks???? Most posters seem to be younger than 45. All I can say is WAIT for the shit to hit the fan!!!! Do not leave the B$%tch’s…I know it sounds crazy…but hang onto the B$%ch’s you have right now. It is hard and life sucks…but the big reality bombshell I am going to drop on you’s is that…All women are B$%ch’s and there is not one that you will find after you leave your present B$%ch that will be any different! Yeah…for a short time…the honey moon period she will do and say all the right stuff…but once that time passes you will enter hell once again. Now for the really fun part….you are getting older and it will be impossible to find anyone to be with you once you get THAT old. If you have ton’s of $$$$ then your set…but the rest of you’s who can’t buy companion ship…well you will be alone.
    Just wanting to let you know that the B$%ch you are with will get worse!!!! But your staying with her if you can do it will be good for your kids!!!! They like the idea of your B$%ch wife being there loving Mother and you being the little man B$%ch like you always have been. There is extreme comfort for your children is knowing that things is just the same! And always will be till you die. Really that is the only way out! So it will get much much worse when the female creature hits Menopause! You will be jacked!!! You will see all the kids link up with their own B$%ch’s and little p-u-ssy men….which will cause royal hell on earth for you. because she will not stop complaining. That will be life for you till you die. So that is the reality…If you have lots of cash you can continue to jump from one p-u-ssy to the next…live out the fun honey moon periods selfishly. But the rest of you need to think about your kids. Stop being selfish and think about their lives. You signed up for this whole shit when you first took that one step toward the B$%ch in the first place. It is a secret that we all should know…some did know what they were getting into…but the draw of the p-u-ssy is too great! So there you have it. Shut up…sit down and ride the show till the end. Stop being a p-u-ssy little man and own up to the payback for all the “FREE” p-u-ssy you got. This my friends is the payment for it…This is hell on earth…This is life as it has been for thousands of years!

    1. her name is Jxxxxt

      Mic, u got a good point buddy, for the kids that is exactly why i am putting up with my effin wife, u do makes me feel a bit better.

      1. fed up!

        you can’t stay just for the kids. Kids know when stuff in their life is screwed up. Cheaper to keep her is another way to look at it. Just die a mess, you’ll probably begin to ignore her at some point. then her hell will return unto her many fold over after you DO die.. she’ll be old, she’ll have all of your stuff but her quality of life will have drastically diminished to the point that, she’ll wish she had you back or IF she does get a new guy, she’ll suck the life right out of him. in that vicious cycle of Lather, rinse, repeat.

  94. her name is Jxxxxt

    wow my wife sure can match the standard here, she complaint abt everything, always and always looking at the negative side of things and always compare our life with the others, and of course double standard, that is watever she does is important and correct, and ifits me, 99% is wrong. she is such a tempermental bitch and no rational watsoever, she spent all day on her effin phone when minidng the child, and has zero patience. i am really sick of her antics, complaint, selfish personality…

  95. Bitchy wife :/

    I am constantly complaining. I always have an issue with my husband. It is either about his video game use, how much time he spends watching football, how I need him to be a leader of the family, or how I want him to stick up for me if his family becomes too much. I am thinking it is just the grown up thing to do to spend time with your kids vs being on the video games for 4 hours. That it is okay to watch sports but to help out with the kids while I am finishing up the laundry. That the yard should be cut more than once every 3 months. I need to feel like a lady and handling all the bills stresses me out so I am thinking it should be his job to responsibly manage the money and just give me an allowance to what I please with ( yes, I work. I only make $1000 a month tho.) It seems like when I constantly complain he begins to feel dizzy, fatigued, and gets a headache. I sometimes can be sort of sexist and think Okay, women are supposed to do this and Men, are supposed to do that. Is it wrong to ask him for so much? I tell him I do not want him to eventually hate me and that I do not want him to end up living a life he does not want, but he wants to be together. I am not sure I can stop being a bitch… I do not nag…I bitch bc I keep assuming he knows what I need after repeating myself for 12 years. I am annoying to myself and I think I make him unhappy. He wants me to be happy, on the inside I feel happy, but when I see the kids being neglected or I feel overwhelmed and neglected I act like a raging bitch. What can I do from a mans point of view to be better and not lose my husband or suck the life out of him?

    1. Taz

      First talk to him and find out if he truly wants to be a father. It would be a hard conversation but don’t make it an argument. If he states he does want to be a father and he loves his kids, then take time to plan activities that require participation from both the kids and their parents. Sometimes we forget the benefit of spending time with our kids trying to do everything else in life. Good Luck

  96. Loyo

    It’s nothing about you man. Her mother was a pain in the ass as well. She learned from her. There is NOTHING you can do about it except maybe divorce her. (honestly) Her behavior will continue and you will hate her more and more as the years go by,,,

  97. Anonymous

    My wife quit her job years ago to take care of our newborn.Our two kids are now grown up, but she stays at home now because she’s been out of the job for quite some time now. I am fine with that. But the problem is she complains about everything. She complains how the kids are lazy, how I watch television when i get home from work, about how messy we are, and everything. She also complains about how I am lazy. FYI, we live in a million dollar home, and I am the only one working. I work shifts, and often, 6 days a week, nights, and sometimes 12 hours or more a day to finish the job, or to help pay for our expenses and the kid’s school and extra curricular activities. I don’t want to complain, but I just want to relax a bit when I get home, but she just makes it impossible for me. When she needs something done, I get out of my way to help her, but when I need help, she will help me too, but not before complaining for days at a time. She even brings up how she helped me manage my finances and get my life back together before we married, and how I should be grateful. I am grateful, but I just want some peace at home. It’s good to just let it out. Sometimes, I work at night and get home at 9 in the morning. I head off to bed right away, but she complains how the only thing I know how to do is sleep.

  98. fed up!

    Women will suck the VERY life out of a man and then butt reamed by the courts. If a man gets out fairly unscathed, he’ll have lost some $$$ but got his dignity back

  99. BillyBangedyourMOM

    when your a fat lazy non-showering dirty nailed f**kboy,, then your wife whill bitch

    when you take care of yourself, shower, clean yourself and act right, she will be nice

    this is why she bitches, because you are a smelly fat slob

  100. Tired AF

    First 3 -5 years were great. Two kids and 18 years later. May I say I DNGAF anymore. She bitches about literally everything I do. She hasn’t worked in 10 years. She is a TERRIBLE driver and complaining non stop about mine( she’s the last one to have been ticketed in an accident). She weighs 200 mthrfkg pounds, when we met she weighed 90. She Can’t excercise, body won’t take it. I am a decent guy. I get my share of looks that I have done nothing about. I make ALL THE MONEY. I spend almost nothing on myself. I work from home so we are together 24/7…. starting to affect my job. I can’t take much more.

  101. Jim

    Marriage is a lot like a tornado it starts out with allot of sucking and blowing but then it usually ends up with you losing your house .

    I like to warn my friends before they get married
    That’s why I tell them after you get married doggie style changes. After you get married doggie style is when the man sits up in bed and begs for sex and the women rolls over and plays dead.

    They say love is a disease only curable by marriage .

    If you think about it all marriage really is is a contract between a man and a women where the man agrees to give up half of every thing he is worth for less sex.

    Do you know why married women close their eyes during sex? They can’t stand to se a man be happy .


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