Sex unsatisfactory
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Sex unsatisfactory

We are a newly Wed couple. It is been 11months of our marriage. After marriage we lived apart for 3months because of our jobs. But from last 7-8months we are living together as i left my job. My husband cares me a lot. He loves me too. But our sex life is not satisfactory. Initially it was very beautiful and i was satisfied too. But now from 2-3months we had sex once in a week only and he released in few seconds only. It makes me disappointed. I tried to speak to my husband about this but he also get disappointed due to this our sex gap gets increased which i dont want. One more thing from last 2-3months my husband never takes initiative for sex.
Please suggest me what should we do to make our sexual life interesting.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Tia Bia Ely

    First off you guys need to TALK to each other first. If you are not satisfied you have to try to tell him without making him feel inadequate.

  2. Ndamma

    Because you n your husband love each other, why dont you try to cuckold your husband and find bbc boyfriend for you.

  3. real deal

    have someone like me come and give you a good toss in the sheets while your husband watches and takes notes. It might take a few sessions but he’ll either learn how to satisfy you or he’ll accept you getting what you need from someone else.

    1. angie

      what makes you think that you are better then her husband?

      never over estimate yourself there could be someone out there who would make you look like an amateur

  4. Angie

    How about talk to your husband find out what maybe bothering him?

    Explain that it this did not happen before.

    Look at getting some viagra to prolong him.

    My other half went a bit strange about three years ago, my thoughts where mmmm someone else, or he does not want me just wants it over with.
    Then I spoke to him and he said his control was not there so we took it slow and went back to doing it and pulling out letting the urge subside and it took a while but now he is back to his good self.

    But communication is a must.

    Let me know how it’s goes

  5. Real Deal

    Sure talk to your husband about him finishing in seconds. I’m sure that’s going to go over really well. One piece of advice, before you “Talk” with your husband about this, get yourself a vibrator because if you think sex now isn’t very often wait till you have that “Talk” with him.


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