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My husband was operated on his nose at the beggining of the week, quick in and out op with 7-10 day recovery. I’ve felt sick to my stomache all week seeing him only able to breath with his mouth and blood running out of his bandage. We have a 2 year old and I work full time. I’ve really felt the pressure of a missing pair of hands round the house and an extra person to care for all by my self. The cooking, cleaning, choferring, shopping, washing, feeding, bathing, entertaining, you know the list. I’m also pregnant with baby 2 and find my energy level goes down extra quickly.
Today, Saturday I had to work all day, even over lunch. All I wished for was 50mins more in bed on my Saturday after this long hard week. My husband is now fit enough to move and to help minimally but he decided to make me get up and calm the screaming baby.
I feel so ofended, as if all my efforts this week deserved a small reward, compensation, act of gratitude, something!
And now he’s the one angry at me for not being attentive this evening. He expected me to come and give him some attention this evening but when I tried he didn’t jave the decemcy to turn off the TV.
I think I deserve more respect than that, f** wanker.

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  1. Donny

    Iknow you are feeling angry……… Just tell your husband how you are feeling and specially tell him that he is treating her like a maid and taking her for granted……….. Tell him you’re his wife not a slave… deserve respect….. Tell him if he’s not going to share a burden then you will leave him for good……. In the name of divorce, every man gets fearful ….. Make him fearful that you have options to leave him or see another man for yourself…….. A little insecurity will make him active in sharing the workload………… Openly communicate with him……… Tell him that he is a father and have some responsibility towards your child


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