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Married to this man for over 40 years. He told me 4 years ago that he has been screwing other woman for 15 of those years. No sex with me for 10 years, only his whores. They were all 25 years younger than him. And they brought friends and even sisters. So 4 years ago he says he hasnt been with anyone else in over 5 years and he wants us to become close again, in all ways not just sex. He’s been great. Sex is outstanding, he does all the things I like to do. He’s home every night. Trouble is….I hate him. My whole marriage was a sham, and now its too late for me to do anything with my life. Im 61 years old and afraid of being out there alone. I torture myself with this every minute of every day. Tried counseling…didn’t work. I want to kill all his women and torture him. Truly

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  1. Donny

    40 years of marriage and such infidelity….. Right now you tell him about your problem and how you are feeling…….. Do it continuously……… Don’t keep anything inside your heart………. Your husband now loves you , there’s no doubt……. But tell him everyday your feelings…….. Tell him to go to therapist with you……… Healing in this matter takes time……… It will take months….. So don’t give up…….. You are 61, you don’t have any better option but you have upper hand now…… You can make him your slave now if you want

  2. Chrissy Nicole Johnson

    You must love yourself first. Leave him. You don’t need a man to be happy and live a good life… and 61 Is not that old. He betrayed you. Sometimes you can’t forget or forgive. It’s not too late! Good luck!

  3. ihatetim

    WELLL if it means anything… I understand the hate… I have not been thru what you have been thru… that sex thing would be hard to take.. oohh your poor thing.. .shit…… . but I had a partner that just said nasty things to my kids., and me.. just mouthy and manipulating insulting behaviour…. and I cried and took it…. I was in a vulnerable financial spot…. but now I am doing very well financially due to retiring, taking my pension and returning to work.. I am 56… and yeah.. now two incomes… and now he is in a horrid financial position…. and yeah.. he is being soooo nice to me.. soooo nice to me it makes me sick.. I just hate him… i can’t forgive what he used to say.. and I understand how much it means to hate the guy. but I don’t want to give him a cent if we separate… not a chance when I struggled and he just insulted me and my children… it was awful.. and I can’t forgive… and yeah.. who wants to start over financially at our ages…HE and I keep our finances private.. he has no idea where I am financially but I know he is out of work and can’t get work… and I LOVE IT>>>>> . I hope he smokes himself to death.. he is a chainsmoker.. .and I hope yours has some kind of sex disease… just be careful having sex with him… make him use safes man…so he doesn’t pass anything on to you.. I just feel bad for you and I totally understand.

  4. Team Writer

    You have ever right to be angry and I agree with Donny’s comments that you need to tell him how you feel. If he can’t do anything to bridge your feels of anger and betrayal then I would move on to the next step in your life. 61 is not too old to get divorced and start over. Remember you are not alone and we have seen people in their 60s, 70s and older separate because of infidelity and other marriage issues. You owe it to yourself for your own happiness and you don’t need him for that. Married people sometimes find greater happiness on their own and it maybe time for you to explore some other opportunities for you.


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