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Wife Unappreciative of My Working 2 Jobs Support Family

I pay full rent, personal bills; contribute to household finances (groceries, baby diapers, daycare, etc) and take us out on dates. She always nags me about not being home to help raise child. With the 2 jobs I keep us afloat and provide us with stability. I have weekends off and spend it all on family. The nagging gets old real fast. Just being a husband that takes care of his family & not slack like deadbeats out there.

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  1. Marie2

    Your wife sounds stressed out to the max with full time child raising and has become completely unable to cope so she tells at you… I’ve been there. It got so bad my husband cheated. I wish I had been able to cope better. We’re still together and have learned to communicate without attacking. Get a counselor to teach you both his to talk nice and validate each other and problem solve. A few sessions is all you need. Fix this fast !!!

  2. Erin

    Have you reminded her of all of the things you do and contribute? Raising kids is very difficult and many a times it takes a toll on us and in turn women end up (sadly) taking it out on our spouses. It isn’t right to do, but sometimes we need to be reminded that the man is trying his hardest and isn’t intentionally trying to not further help. It takes both people to talk about this though and understand it. She needs to realize and appreciate all you do for her, and if she needs more support there is a constructive way to address it - but not by further complaining. There’s give and take - if she needs/wants more help with childcare then perhaps she can pick up some efforts in other areas - such as working part time or take on other chores to ease your load. That would be the fair thing for her to do!!


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