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What are some ways I can get my husband to have sex more?

I’ve been married a year and we have an infant. It’s amazing we have any sex life at all with what we’ve been through, but lately I’ve been wanting to get more oral. He loves blowjobs and orgasming from them but the strange thing is he only sometimes wants to do down on me. He gets blowjobs all the time, I get oral once a month. He’ll stay down there for a decent amount of time but hasn’t made me orgasm yet like that. In all fairness I haven’t really brought this up to him and I don’t want to do it in a way that turns him off to it. I know he’s had a bunch of bad experiences in the past but then he tells me he actually enjoys doing it to me which is surprising for him. I tell him how much I like it but I want to know some sexy ways to make him want to go down more

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  1. Marie2

    Take a shower and put a couple drops of vanilla extract into a scoop of coconut oil. Run that all over your body…especially your girlie parts. A plus would be to go get a Brazilian wax. That drives my husband nuts lol. Then just go make out with him hot and heavy and sit on his face. You have more control to move how you like in that postion. Stimulate your nipples and an orgasm shouldn’t be too hard . Good luck.


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