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Never Enough… Anything

I have been with my wife for 3 years now about to be 4, This woman was GREAT at 1st… Then all of a sudden, her youngest at the time wanted her dad and her together so she split and left for 2 weeks stayed with mother in law, then I got her to come back, GOD that was a mistake…. The kids are good now everyone is the home is HAPPY! When she isnt around. We now have a 6mo old and she is now working 1st time i have seen her work sense our meeting 5 years ago. I do everything for this woman, i support our lives the best i can, As she spends every red cent left over. I support 4 kids her and my mother in law on a Low salary in cali that’s rough as it is but to have some one whom is NEVER EVER happy with the situation or the ammount of money or things she has When i say never! I mean it. This woman is over weight now by about 60lbs and blames it on her depression about her childhood, and she spends about $500 a month on makeup and this Lularoe leggings and SHIT! i mean she has more clothes then 4 people together and even if i say no STOP! we are broke she buys it and is all its not a big deal its only $70….. She eats nothing but junk, she dont cook for a shyt, she will wash clothes and they stay in washer or baskets for DAYS! never seen her do anything but ironicly watch Dr. Phil…. I watch baby kids and cook and clean after working 8+ hours a day + 1.5 hour commute, she works nights and whole time im at work its, Fine ignore me, or you dont care.. if i dont respond with in 2 min of a text, or when i am home ALONE! with the kids and dinner she get mad when i dont text her every 5 min or respond how and as fast as she wants. No matter what i do she complains about it, i dont spend time with her, i don’t care, i dont help her lose weight, I got gym member ship and she wont give me 30 min a day to go, and she sure as shit wont go….. but its mu fault… I have bought her 3 BRAND NEW CARS! and shes never happy with them she dont wash them, the inside looks like a trash dump! the house looks like a tornado hit it every day as she did nothing but Facebook and TV all day and im the slob??? Jesus I should have left before I knocked her up I planned on it but she got preg now im stuck because I know her it will be a battle royal in court + childsupport would cripple me because she is In capable of supporting her self or managing money! God help this stupid man…

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  1. Brenda

    Set some boundaries! Take her off any credit cards, bank accounts, etc. and she now has access to only her money from her job. Why are you supporting her mother? Dude, you need to get a backbone, people only walk all over someone if that someone ALLOWS it. Put a plan together for bills, house work, kids, etc.; have a serious heart to heart chat with her, tell her things are going to change (based on the plan). Say what you mean and MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. If she needs to see a professional, then by all means she should see one. But change has to start somewhere and that somewhere is YOU! Sink or swim…it’s your choice. Good luck, sincerely.

  2. Marie2

    If I had a guy that did all that for me i would be all over him. Your new girlfriend will help watch the baby. Stop begging your wife to love you.It’s makein g you pathetic. Give her an ultimatum now before you or she cheats out of misery and you end up jarring eachother. You don’t seem to have good self esteem. Hugs.


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