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Lack of communication is one of the main contributing factors in failed marriages. Spouses not only feel they can’t talk to each other but they often find themselves not able to talk to anyone about their marital problems. Friends and family become bored and unsympathetic and marriage counselors are expensive and available by appointment only. Couples in crisis often find themselves with no options for dealing with their marital problems in a manner that allows them to put things in better perspective, to learn, to grow, to come to any point of understanding that helps them avoid building up resentment for each other like mildew builds on walls after a flood, then taking a look at the mildew and deciding it’s so widespread and noxious that the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of the house altogether.

The main purpose of marriedpeopleproblems.com to provide married couples, of all orientation, with an online community where they can find the kind of support that is difficult to find in their real-world community. That is, when they find themselves in crisis at 2 o’clock in the morning they will not choose to suffer alone because they know their sibling, friend, parent, or therapist will not appreciate them calling at that hour to cry about the same old thing they’ve been crying about for over a year. Instead they can take a more productive approach to working out the problem by sharing.

We like to keep our marital problems to ourselves. We don’t want other people to know our marriage is less than perfect, but an imperfect marriage is nothing to be ashamed about. Most couples have problems and it’s pointless to invest your time into trying to fool the world when you could be investing it into trying to help yourself. False pride is as valuable and useful as fools gold. Forget what people are thinking and saying. This is your life we’re talking about, your peace of mind, your happiness. Raise your hand, introduce yourself and share.

If you happen to be among the happily married, those of us who are not quite so fortunate could use any advice you might like to impart. This community is not just for people who are struggling in their marriages. It’s also for people who have something to share that can help to improve individual marriages and in so doing improve the universal state of marriage.

What is marriedpeopleproblems.com

Married people problems is an online resource and community for married people.

Why marriedpeopleproblems.com

From the founder: Sometimes it can be hard to find support when you’re struggling in your marriage. In my experience, the other married people I know are more invested in keeping up appearances and trying to prove they have the better marriage, the better husband/wife, the better children, the better life generally. There isn’t very much openness and honesty about what it’s like to be in an imperfect marriage and to have a less than perfect life; so you find yourself feeling quite alone and lonely in your day to day marital struggles. You don’t dare tell your friends about your problems because they always come back at you with the kind of feedback that makes you feel like you must be the biggest fool in the world for marrying the person you married and staying married to them.

Marriedpeopleproblems.com (formerly Marriagescene.com) has been created to help encourage and facilitate open and honest discourse about marriage, to connect married individuals with a wide web of universal mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends, therapists who are here to share and here to listen.

Social networks are about sharing your problems as well as your solutions so that everyone that is part of the network benefits from the knowledge and experience of each other and lives are made easier because of accessibility to real people who are willing to help in exchange for getting help when they need it.

Join marriedpeopleproblems.com today and start contributing to changing the overall outlook on marriage.

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