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Posted by on 21 December

Spoiled Wife

I found out I had married my wife, her father, her mother and her brother (brother lived with us). I worked part time and went to Bradley University part time....
1 0 71 21 December, 2017 Liars & Cheats more
Posted by on 05 December

cheating spouse

3 years ago, my husband had an affair, he cheated with a woman who had him on child support for 8 years! at the time we found out the child...
0 0 91 05 December, 2017 Save your marriage more
Posted by on 04 December


After 18 years of marriage, my wife and I have grown apart. We still care a lot about each other, but it doesn’t feel like love anymore. Our relationship has...
0 1 94 04 December, 2017 Save your marriage more

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