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Posted by on 26 October


Married to this man for over 40 years. He told me 4 years ago that he has been screwing other woman for 15 of those years. No sex with me...
0 4 587 26 October, 2017 Husband Bashing more
Posted by on 26 October


My husband was operated on his nose at the beggining of the week, quick in and out op with 7-10 day recovery. I’ve felt sick to my stomache all week...
0 1 172 26 October, 2017 Husband Bashing more
Posted by on 30 September

Bad Body Odor

I have been married going on 22 years. Several times I have tried to delicately mention “you have BO”. She does not shower or bath regularly. Her excuses continue to...
0 1 154 30 September, 2017 Marriage Life more
Posted by on 23 September

Love or comfort?

My husband is a critical person anyways but I have found that he constantly bad mouths me to his friends. If he is so unhappy why cant he say it...
0 0 106 23 September, 2017 Liars & Cheats more
Posted by on 23 September

My family or my husband

I have been with my husband for over 10 years. We don’t have children together. Our relationship has had its ups and downs over the years. Nothing ever physical. Just...
0 0 104 23 September, 2017 Marriage & Family more
Posted by on 23 September

Volcano of Shit

I hate my husband! He’s a volcano of shit. He is full of shit and he often erupts leaving nothing but shit and destruction all around him. We’ve been married...
0 2 170 23 September, 2017 Husband Bashing more

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