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Posted by on 21 December

Spoiled Wife

I found out I had married my wife, her father, her mother and her brother (brother lived with us). I worked part time and went to Bradley University part time....
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Posted by on 23 September

Love or comfort?

My husband is a critical person anyways but I have found that he constantly bad mouths me to his friends. If he is so unhappy why cant he say it...
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Separated but married
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29 June

Separated but married

My wife and i separated a year a go and i up and left to Kentucky, reason i left was the way she was treating me,in front of friends and...
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I’ve been bad…
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14 November

I’ve been bad…

I have been married a little over a year and in that year I have discovered that my husband who I still stupidly love was talking to several exes. Now...
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