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Posted by on 13 April

Never Enough… Anything

I have been with my wife for 3 years now about to be 4, This woman was GREAT at 1st… Then all of a sudden, her youngest at the time...
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Posted by on 12 January

My Toxic Jealous wife.

Hi, I’ve been married to my wife for 3 and a half years. I should of seen the warning signs but I thought it was just she loved me a...
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Trapped any direction I pull
Posted by
10 August

Trapped any direction I pull

18 years together and 2 amazing young kids. Had so many experiences - laughter and tears. She lied when I had suspicions, but then late one night I found the...
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Nag Bitch Complaining
Posted by
19 June

Nag Bitch Complaining

I have been Married or I should say now in prison of a bad Marriage. You try to be nice but I find it harder to be nice. In example....
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